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  1. EDIT: I may have strayed into a bit of Belgium along my way up the border from Maastricht to the storm surge barrier, which might explain why I was seeing Vector elements. In general, does Vector provide any value in a TrueEarth region? Would it normally not be visible over the TrueEarth photoscenery? Thanks
  2. The Tanana river east of Fairbanks (at PAEI Eielson AFB) turns into a tiny stream in Vector 1.15 I can't tell if this is already included in the 1.2 patch or not. Thanks, Jason
  3. You will not see an (openLC) EU icon. Just Global. It is a component of Global.
  4. Patience pays in savings, impatience pays in gratification. I purchased Global and Vector just a couple of weeks ago to get ready for LC. People would not be happy that recently purchased separately. Maybe a discount on future LC products for those that already own one or more (i.e. x% off the 2nd LC, xx% off the third LC, etc...).
  5. There's often an ORBX sale in June... So if you are willing to wait for a discount . I couldn't wait (please, please, please Vector update in August, Pilot's)
  6. Agree... It beggs for more variety. The sparseness of FSX native textures make the repetitiveness less obvious. It's going to take all three Base, Vector, and LC to get past this. Also maybe Vector needs to "pop" more to breakup the texture patterns at higher altitudes. Jason
  7. Great, thank you for the very quick response. Texture/Object builtin is helpful information. Creature flow and Audio were the ones I was most unsure about. I'll have to relax at the FBO and watch the butterflies. Thanks, Jason
  8. Reading the website product feature descriptions for CYBD, it says: "Includes all Orbx Flow technologies". The CYBD User Manual cover shows only icons for "StaticFlow", "PeopleFlow", "SnowFlow", "NatureFlow". But then reading the feature description for the upcoming NZMF Milford Sound, it says "Includes most Orbx Flow tech" and then in the first screenshot lists: "Audio", "TextureFlow", "ObjectFlow", "StaticFlow", "VehicleFlow", "NatureFlow", "PeopleFlow", "CreatureFlow". For CYBD, what about: - TextureFlow (no User Manual icon, but I think it is already part of CYBD)? - ObjectFl
  9. After patching PFJ, lowering grass to medium, and restarting FSX, it seems that I can get the wind sock to show low/medium/high wind. However, as the op stated, the wind sock is reversed. Jason
  10. Absolutely no braking ability at all with SnowFlow enabled. Can not brake on the runway, taxiway or parking areas. It is far more excessive than just slippery/icy. Is there any possibility of having SnowFlow on the buildings/terrain, but not so much on the actual runway/taxiways ?? As it is right now, I have to leave it off. Thanks, Jason
  11. I am also seeing issues with the wind sock at CYBD. Wind 0, sock straight out like there's a stiff wind. Jason
  12. Well, the spectacular multi-level runway/taxiways/terminal make this scenery amazing, so I'll ignore the minor issue of FSX gates Thanks, Jason
  13. Hi, I'm sure this has been answered, but a forum search did not turn up a current result... Just arrived in PAKT (using the payware Ketchikan airport scenery) for the first time (737NGX) and pulled up to the parking spot that shows as being a jetway. CTRL-J "you must be in an airport parking space to request a fuel truck or jetway". So I check the World -> Go to Airport -> PAKT and only the runways appear (1/11, 2/29). Am I doing something wrong? Should selectable parking spaces appear in the Go to Airport list? Should the jetway work (or is it static scenery only)? Thanks,
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