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  1. Greets to all from NZCH Looks all good, there Renault. Where is it?
  2. Jeez! You guys spoil us rotten! Another mouthwatering "look forward to".
  3. Guys! If you are excited, I'm almost peeing myself with eager anticipation! I think FTX AU was my first scenery addon some years back, and since P3D v4+ and XP-11 is a regular part of our lives, I have looked forward to the Aus revamp/upgrade for quite some time, - just hoping, and hoping! Cheque book is at the ready, and thank you to all in the development team.
  4. Greets from NZCH, Thanks for the mouth-watering insight! I look forward to adding it.
  5. Absolutely spiffing! Can't wait for the release, but in the meantime, full credit and praise to you and your development team.
  6. Greets from NZCH, share your views entirely, I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed that there is even more to come! Can my barely adequate psychic defences handle such quality? I don't know!
  7. Please notify my bank manager! Looks 1st class. I still haven't come down to earth after installing Shoreham. Best regards from NZCH.
  8. Very nice! Looking forward to it.
  9. Thanks Scott, reply much appreciated. I 'found' my people, thank you. Next time you see the guy with the broom, tell him he's sacked, - barely made any progress in an hour. Thanks again, Best regards, Pat. NZCH
  10. Good afternoon, all, Just loaded the new GC Airport (looks nice), does anyone know if there should be 'people moving' in the scenery, or have I missed something in the install/setup? I appreciate the scenery is very much 'the new kid on the block', and may have already been mentioned, but I didn't find it in the forums. Thanks in advance, Best regards to all, Pat.
  11. Top-drawer quality Matteo, - looks like my bank balance is soon to get another Orbx bashing! Thank you.
  12. A big thanks to you all for running that excellent promo. It finished an hour ago, coinciding with my fund exhaustion! Thanks again, (appreciation probably not so enthusiastically shared by the bank manager!). Cheers to all
  13. Just waiting with "cheque book at the ready". . . . . . . Super piece of work! Best wishes from NZCH.
  14. Thanks, John, & greets from a very cool NZCH. As far as I can see, there is no problem with the scenery, it just seemed strange that no registry entry was made. I don't know whether the new FTX Central is reliant on the registry entry for updates or not, if it doesn't. then, as you quite rightly asked, does it matter? Anyway, thank you again for replying to my question. Will advise if anything unexpected arises, in the meantime, tick it off as "Resolved". Kind regards, Pat.
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