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  1. Dana Mills

    To Lowi for Xmas

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you too, Dolf ! Great screenshots.
  2. Dana Mills

    Baby it's cold outside

    Great screenshots and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you too.
  3. Dana Mills

    Bangor International

    Very nice shots, may I ask you what aircraft that is ?
  4. Dana Mills

    Answer for Jack.

    Same for me will not install into P3D v4
  5. Dana Mills

    Open Lc SA

    Hi Richard, screen shots look great.
  6. Dana Mills

    Navy RTC San Diego

    I to did boot camp on worm island in 1976. Small world.
  7. A lot of great screen shots, but #41 gets my vote.
  8. Congrats Dolf, great screen shot.
  9. So many great screen shots, but my choice is #9 - Dolf.
  10. These look so clear Brad, boy I can't wait till I have P3D v2 installed, real fine job. Dana