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  1. Close your eye's, I'm coming through. Top of the London eye looking north west. Top of the London eye looking south east.
  2. Nick, Glad to see you still have your sense of humour and I admire your resolve in yes these very trying times. It has been noted around the flight sim community that you have been left to carry all the flake while the Australian Bosses keep very quiet, in the difficult times. Well done mate.
  3. Go to your App settings page and select Microsoft Flight Simulator. Click Repair first and Reset second. The Reset will delete all you control and camera settings and set it back to default
  4. Thank you for the reply. Ed Correia was very flippant in his answer with London Landmarks compliant, by stating "Best viewed from 1000 feet". Not a very helpful remark for someone who bought the scenery to be able to fly between the towers of London Bridge. Maybe it's the Ozy way but not for world wide consumption I am afraid. Orbx should have been apologizing from the first complaints coming in and recognized something was wrong. You are now seeing a new customer coming on board and to not be very helpful when the forum is stated by Orbx to be the only place to come too, fo
  5. Thank you Jarrad glad to help.. But rest first and enjoy a beer.
  6. Hello Ron Attwood have not seen or spoken to you since FSX day's. Hope you are well and still painting. I only paint for X-Plane these days, but may get into 2020 if I can find the blinkin files.. Haha.
  7. Henri, see AMS input above about signing out and back in. Hope it helps you..
  8. Jon, what happens when a new developer brings out a Traffic program, like Just Flight. Are we going to see aircraft mating?
  9. Why are the answers from Orbx so unbecoming and such flippant disregard to us your loyal customers who keep you in business? 2020 is a total new adventure for all of us including you Orbx. So a little humility would go a long way to keeping your loyal fan-base happy with maybe an apology for at the moment such low quality 2020 products from you. We can understand that new tools have to be learned to get the quality up to Asobo standard, but please do not try to be superior over us your customers as you are not helping yourselves. New companies are going to spring up and you need to keep us
  10. You missed the point. I can get Covid 19 for free. London landmarks I had to pay for. So the next time your local garage rips you off for a changed light bulb you will not mind.. This could destroy the reputation of Orbx because of late they seem to be lowering the bar.
  11. Papi lights at LOWI not showing correct sequence, only showing all white at any height. Communication masts missing from the top of The Patscherkofel Mountain. Were in FSX/P3D.
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