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  1. Happy at Hervey

    Great set of shots Jack, was the Donald on the course in that last shot?
  2. Jabaran, keep them coming it's a great topic thread, there are hundreds out there who love reading the topic even if they don't answer. James
  3. Just the one

    Looking great.. Love the angle..
  4. Back to the mainland

    Pity that poor soul in shot 2, lets all club together and buy him a winter coat.. Gerold, how could you not let him into the aircraft for a warm..
  5. Nanaimo Tallship

    Spotted off Gabriola island Nanaimo in the Strait of Georgia BC:
  6. Use FTX Global and FTX OpenLC North America via purchase at store..
  7. Visiting Martyn's home

    Wait for it, wait for it, "Crackers Jack"..
  8. Nanaimo to Vancouver, McKinnon flight MSP393 working the 0905: Passing the "Queen of Nanaimo" Cruise liner: Top of descent:
  9. Celtic Princess

    eurolinx "Celtic Princess" M-GVVJ
  10. Q400F of McKinnon Air Services Cargo division on a Victoria to Billings working: Still a long way to go with the learning curve for this aircraft..
  11. Around Nanaimo

    Aspects from around Nanaimo: At North dock BC Ferries: In the Straites:
  12. Q400 re-paints

    Swift Transportation Inc is a large US trucking company based in Phoenix Arizona. They have fictitiously entered the air passenger industry in Europe based at Nice Cote d'azur. But flying all over Europe. (that's my story, so there..)With Cap'n Jaydor as the European President and CEO, here is Swift Air Q400 eurolinx. All named after French Cities/Towns "Ville de Carcassonne": Montpelier: Saint Emillion: Saint Malo: Saint Michel: Will let you know when I upload them..
  13. All shots are Orbx PNW with Larry Robinson BC Ferries addon and the Orbx freeware Nanaimo..