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  1. I have over 250 sceneries organized and grouped in my scenery library. Every time I purchase one of your products, OrbxLib.exe reorganizes all the FTX files to the top of the library, leaving all of my Airports on a lower priority Level - which doesn't work! Not only that, it destroys my group naming (SceneryConfigEditor from SourceForge.net) I must reorganize anew every time. Why can't you allow a manual scenery Installation to prohibit reorganizing everything every time? Or. even better, allow the input of a scenery position number before starting the OrbxLib, forcing it to reorganize ist files under that position! That way, one can keep the Airport files above your files - untouched! regards Robert
  2. Hey guys I am having the same Problem (even worse). I installed Global vector and Global OpenLC europe files and had to manually insert them to the scenery library. There seems to be something wrong with Orbxlibs v. 141228 - using it removes all the files out of the library again, except for ORBX!VECTOR_AEC (required). The culprit seems to be ORBXLIBS.
  3. Hi Wolter I created the missing Folders manually and then patched with 1.20. Will that do the Job? ...or are some files missing? Robert
  4. Hi guys I have the same Problem. I wanted to update my first Version 1.0. Your patch notes on your update page say, one must patch 1.10 first before patching versions 1.15 and 1.20. That is misleading, because there is no patch 1.10 anywhere to be found in the internet! I then removed the Folders FTX_Vector and FTX_VECTOR_AEC and patched to version 1.15, which causes the missing files error to occur. What should I do now to resolve this Problem? thx ahead Robert
  5. Hi Ed Thanks for your revealing statement. However, I still don't understand how those Vector files can still work when mesh, landclass, autogen and addon scenery are overwriting their files, because of there higher priority level - unless Vector only includes BGLs that are not found in the higher priority files. And how can the CVX excludes exclude anything that was installed at a higher priority. That shouldn't be possible. But even then, when inserting the Vector files after landclass and before airports and other scenery addon files should guaranty that the excludes still work, since I would install addon scenery at a higher priority, whichs overwrites everything identical in Vector. And if landclass, autogen and scenery files don't overwrite Vector files, then Pilots is making software that isn't conform with FSX standards and is confusing everyone. For my understanding, FTX Global Vectors should logically be installed after any mesh, landclass or FTX Global files and before anything else like addons and airport scenery. Installing Vector just above the 1107 base level makes no sense to me ...it's only confusing! Robert
  6. Hey Alex Nobody here is talking about the default terrain data. We are talking about FTX Global base files, SceneryTech Landclass files, FS Global ultimate mesh files and even the FTX region files. FTX Global Vector installs itself below all of those files !!!!!! ...instead of above them - as expected Is that a bug?? That contradicts everything you guys have been talking about in the layers discussions concerning the positioning of mesh, landclass, autogen and vector files in the scenery library! By the way - don't you read the messages here before answering?....jeez regards Robert
  7. Thanks Jackson - but now I am a little worried, because the FTXGlobalVector software just installed itself below the insertion Point and below all the FTXGlobal and FTXTerrain files and the Orbx installer knows nothing about my Landclass and my NZ Vector files. So I am still looking for a complete answer to where to put everything with respect to each other. Robert
  8. Hi everybody I feel very insecure with the major order of all my scenery shaping and designing files in the scenery.cfg (scenery library). I have: FS Global ultimate mesh, FS Global Vector, FTX Global base package, FTX Regions, Land Class files (from SceneryTech) and Vector files for New Zealand. In which order of priority must these files be ordered? Would be thankful for a response from someone. Robert
  9. I don't really understand all the talk here about the priority levels of ORBX!OPENLC files, Landclass files and the new FTXGlobalVector files. I installed FTXGlobalVector and found it installed itself in the scenery library below (lower priority) the FTXGlobal Base files and below my SceneryTech Landclass files and even behind my FS Global ultimate mesh files?? I thought the Vector-files had to have the highest priority - above all the other files!? Could someone please explain this contradiction? Robert
  10. Yeah...of course. How silly of me. I just installed some Australian airports, and they were correctly inserted in front of those FTXAUs....! Thank a lot Holger Robert
  11. But Holger, for my understanding...why should general settings like shores, roads and other files have a higher priority then the airports?? I always thought airport scenery must be at top priority. In my scenery library the scenery bgls for "Orcas Island" (Kors) for instance will be overwritten (overdrawn) by the higher priority bgls in the FTXAU05_ROADS, FTXAU35_SCENERY files etc. I always thought, you were not supposed to overstack your airport files?! Could you please explain - I am a little confused now. best of Robert
  12. Thanks guys... Of course the culprit was as usual Microsoft's IE 11 ...with Chrome everything works fine! Robert
  13. Wow...Holger Sandmann personally I truly appreciate all the great work you have contributed to the sim community over the many past years. This is really an honour to talk to you personally! To be sure, that everything is correctly installed - I will post that section of my scenery library. And thank you very much for your help!
  14. Hey guys I followed the thread on how to paste images here in a forum message. But the "Paste and Voila!" effect just doesn't work. I get the link address of my image copied and then try to paste it in my message field. But pasting does nothing. I also tried using the "special BBCode" and "Image" -button, but to no avail! Can someone please explain what to do? thx Robert
  15. Hi guys I think the positioning of your files in my scenery library may be wrong. My files: FTXAU48_CUSTOM.........to........FTXAU05_ROADS (7 files) are at priority positions 25...19 My files: FTX_NA_PNW08_CUSTOM........to........FTX_AA_2S1 (18 files) are at lower priority positions 43...26 Shouldn't all the ORBX custom scenery files be at a higher priority positions then the FTXAU...files (priority 18....1)?
  16. I did as you advised. Global was set. I closed FTX and installed my USA Pacific Fjords from disc. After the installation FTX Central shows a Default button; the North America button and now two Global area buttons! Something is obviously wrong! What do I do now?
  17. Hey guys I would love to buy and install more FTX regions, but I can't set the FTX Central to default! Only the Global area shows as a button. What must I do to get the default button to be able to install more regions? Robert
  18. Hi support. I bought FTX Global for FSX and installed it. I then had a Central Menu with one button showing: "FTX Global". There was no "Default" -button. Then I installed "Pacific Fjords" (version 1) and suddenly I had a Default-Button; two Global-buttons and one Pacific Fjords-button. Why do I have two Global areas in the FTX-Central? ...and how do I install your product correctly? Is there a free product callen FTX-Central, that has to be installed first? regards Robert
  19. Hi guys I installed FTX Global to my drive G:\ but forgot to create a folder for the backup texture files beforehand. Now FTX has stored all my texture backup files to that drive (without a folder). Since that is not good file management, I then created a specific folder and moved all those files to that backup folder. 1) Does FTX need to know where I put those backup files? If so, how can I update that knowledge? Is there a config file, or something similar? 2) If I ever uninstall FTX, do I have to reinstall my backup textures to FSX by hand? ...but where to? Robert
  20. Hi team A few days ago I bought your great program FTX Global to use with Prepar3d v2. Then I read, that your sceneries are not yet useable with FTX Global and Prepar3d v2. I also have FSX installed. Waiting for your upgrade work, can I at least use your new FTX Global and all my old FTX sceneries with FSX without experiencing any problems? * By the way, can I use FTX Global with both sims? regards Robert
  21. Strange...I turned off AI traffic in the Kors config but left the static planes on. I use UT2 for AI traffic. Some AI planes now move silently backwards towards the start of the airfield and some move correctly and begin to taxi. Something is very strange here. Any suggestions? Robert
  22. The freeware Victoria was causing all thís madness [glow=red,2,300]Victoria must load before PNW loads[/glow]...or it's Armageddon time! Hours of costly research... ...that hurt! Robert
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