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  1. Hi guys I installed FTX Global to my drive G:\ but forgot to create a folder for the backup texture files beforehand. Now FTX has stored all my texture backup files to that drive (without a folder). Since that is not good file management, I then created a specific folder and moved all those files to that backup folder. 1) Does FTX need to know where I put those backup files? If so, how can I update that knowledge? Is there a config file, or something similar? 2) If I ever uninstall FTX, do I have to reinstall my backup textures to FSX by hand? ...but where to? Robert
  2. Hi team A few days ago I bought your great program FTX Global to use with Prepar3d v2. Then I read, that your sceneries are not yet useable with FTX Global and Prepar3d v2. I also have FSX installed. Waiting for your upgrade work, can I at least use your new FTX Global and all my old FTX sceneries with FSX without experiencing any problems? * By the way, can I use FTX Global with both sims? regards Robert
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