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  1. Please simply attach your screenshot (jpg format) to your post and do not attach any exe files.
  2. And EDDB is the only Aerosoft Airport offering this. And the reason is that the layout of the new airport had been finished at the time when the addon was released (release date was short before the planned opening of the airport). But I'm sure, when the real airport will be opened (if at all ), the addon will be outdated. And when the old part is closed (whenever ) it will be totally outdated. And finally, the option in EDDB effects only the used rwys, nothing else. Rendition of the airport is in both options the same.
  3. Ok, under these circumstances I agree with you, and it is/was simply bad luck that they stopped the work at the airport, especially since neither you could know that, nor when they will start again and finish it (if at all).
  4. That happens, when a dev thinks he is doing something good, when making an aiport how it might look in the future. While I appreciate your effort, I would never do so. Always release an airport in its current state and maybe deliver an update, when major construction work has been finished, otherwise you will end up with something like this. Think about the new Berlin airport.
  5. OK, tested the other files, and they solved this issue, at least for me.
  6. Matteo, while I second in general what you say regarding those shader tweaks, I think this is not the problem in this case. I dont use and have never used such tweaks, but Im also sseing this issue. I'll give the files you've posted a try later to see if it mproves anything.
  7. I also used this setting and still had no problem with the fuel truck. So I'm also wondering what's the reason for his problem.
  8. looking at the official chart available at Eurocontrol, eveything seems to be correct to me: Sometimes certain data are interpreted a bit differently by various chart provider It might also be that something has changed after the release of LIEO.
  9. Nick, am I correct that the only purpose of the file ORBX_LDDU_APX_WithStatics.bgl is to free all parking slots so that they are available in P3Ds airport dialog?
  10. I also do not see this problem. With "Staticflow airline gates" off I see this: But one interesting thing: using this config in the LDDU Control Panel: GSX gives me an error about missing the ORBX_LDDU_APX_WithStatics.bgl
  11. The satellite images on Google are dated from 2005, so no wonder that you see only a dirt strip. e.g. Apple maps are far more recent: But maybe orbx will add it one day.
  12. No problems at all here. Not sure if it got something to do with Objectflo, but have you ticked "use objectflow 2 in P3dv4? in the FTXCentral settings?
  13. Holger are you sure that he is talking about the remainings of snow? He is talking about blu coloured patches which nearly disappear when getting closere:
  14. When you use Google Earth pro and zoom out far enough that the timeline gives you a picture for each year back till 1984, you will see that the norther part is permanently covered with Water. At least in december where all those pictures have been made.
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