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  1. Usually files are downloaded to a Temp folder and after installation being deleted. But in this topic are 2 usefull links which should answer your question:
  2. Thanks, works again, but only when connecting through VPN (which means going through another hub); so obviousl something wrong with some Web-/DNS-Servers here in Germany, which is of course out of control of Orbx.
  3. Cant load the OrbxDirect website and also FTXCentral fails as I'm "not logged in".
  4. Here is a real world guide on youtube: Also there are many other videos on Youtube where you can watch the owner of this private airfield arriving and departing, like this one:
  5. Nice pictures Ben. BTW. If you like a challenging approach with the PC12, you should try out Locher Airfiled. There is an excellent freeware available for P3D at AVSIM
  6. And to make it a bit clearer, Norman is talking about the feature "library insertion point" which is a "must use" to avoid problems in the future with other 3rd party addons.
  7. I woluld also prefer Orbx concentrating on doing other full regions and airports in Europe. IMHO the following points concerns me: - GEN and GES are already doing an excellent job - amount of data > 100GB - pricing (excellent aerial images are very expensive) - seasonal adjustments within different regions in Germany - placement of autogen especially in very dense areas (people will start complaining why this and that building/object is not vivisble) - look and feel of the aerial pictures due to the fact that you do not get pictures that where done within a short periode for such a huge area (there might be years inbetween) - changes e.g. new roads etc. can no be made, so you have to stay with pictures for several years which get more and more outdated But OK, if Orbx can wave all my concerns it might be of interest
  8. Here is a freeware covering Fogo and Brava: http://fsdg-online.com/free-stuff/49-cape-verde-free.html
  9. Ok, and in 100 years, Orbx can replace the photo bgls with water landclass
  10. Looks really good, but 5 season in NL? Isn't there not only one season?
  11. Just to let you know ETSF has been closed already in 2003, only the University of the German Airforce is there, little traffic with small GA from the local club. And finally since Dec 2015 no more flying at all. ETSF is finally history. since a few years, the former main runway is currently used by BMW as training center. Since 2014 parts of the buildings are being used as a collecting camp for refugees from Syria. The future usage of the whole area is currently under a heavy discussion. Here some pictures https://www.bmw-drivingexperience.com/en/trainingsorte/driving-academy-maisach.html
  12. And as it is already visible in the shop, it shouldn't be too far away. Btw. there is a subtitle "Germany reunified": while there is still an invisible border dividing Germany between North and South, called "Weisswurstäquator" (in fact far more south then theborder between GEN and GES), the real border before Germany got unified was between West and East.
  13. And Aerosofts EDDF looks exactly like the real thing: - mixture between tamrac and concrete - no markings at the southern end The far more important thing is performance when using extremly detailed sceneries like GES and EDDF, but thats not part of this topic.
  14. I like what i see, very close to reality, But one thing: the representation of one of the most important POIs in Munich, the Olympic stadion is extremly basic to say at least. Any improvement for the final product planned? It is going to become a UNESCO World Heritage.
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