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  1. I have just reinstalled FSX from scratch and I would like to add some extra Scenery Files from OZx ie Version 3.0 through to 3.4. This wont affect FTX in any way will it. It has some extra country airstrips I would like installed. Also do I need to install the Holger Mesh as well? Any other traps about this. Thanks
  2. Thanks heaps on the info given. I do appreciate it. Downloading v13.4 now. On another matter for anyone - can you run the software that came from OZx ver 3.0,3.1 and 3.2 within the FTX Australian software. I know that there are country airstrips in OZx software that I would like to reload. Cheers
  3. At this point in time I have uninstalled the Catalyst driver software ver 13.9 and gone back to installing ver 12-1_vista_win7_64_dd_cc driver I had saved some time ago and seems I have solved the issue. Time will tell. So much for progress and driver updates.
  4. I have just completed re-installing from scratch FSX with a clean install onto a SSD with OEM Win7 Home Premium. Drivers are updated for ATI HD-6950 Graphics card, Read multiple fixes on Web and installed the uiautomationcore.dll to FSX root. Still crashes when Menu is selected. The other fact is atiumdag.dll as Fault Module name comes up within the CTD window. Can anyone assist me as to how further to eradicate this problem Thanks.
  5. Thought this video was interesting. These guys are committed to their Sims. I liked Steve's comment in the video about the difference between Radial engines and Jets. [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=grhufkghF3s
  6. Imagine this Simulator with FTX..... almost like Real Simulator by Grenzebach.com
  7. Well done. You achieved what you set out to do.
  8. That size of a File will be quite difficult to send over the Forum or 'net' . You may have to find some one close to where you live and do it that way.
  9. There is a saying in aviation. If you can use the aircraft again after each landing then it must have been alright!! Well done Captain you made snap decisions to land that plane.
  10. Nice Video, well put together. "Resistance is Futile" - We have all been assimilated
  11. What are the recordings File size (in Mb) and what format first - .avi, .mov (check Properties of the File and look at the File extension) and how many files are there. If you are new to editing it can be quite involved
  12. The panel I designed myself as the Cessna 172 fuselage had been stripped. So I started from scratch and then after the panel had been laser cut, I then built it up using Simkits gauges with modified components necessary to get to this point.
  13. It's a 12 key Numeric Keypad that you may find in any good electronic parts store. I modified it to go back through a Keyboard emulator to take on the numeric requirements of ATC. The # key can be made for ATC as well as the * key being Autopilot connect Jaycar in Australia has it. It's code # is CAT. NO. SP0770
  14. The adapter is a Flightcom IIsx. I got mine off Ebay. See their website It connects back to the PC for Mic and earphone sockets but you still need the 9v interface to connect the headset mic back to PC. Schematic available on the net. The Adapter then has an output to give a 'mix of audio' i.e Mic with FSX sound to go and feed the video camera when recording. At 05:05 marker during playback shows the effect of this. It's cost is not thought of as much as it has been expensive, but this 'hobby' has grown over many years.
  15. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh_ac4GGRWg The video shows at what stage my Cessna Simulator is up to and also shows my latest flight from Concrete Municipal to Orcas Island. The scenery is outstanding. Cheers
  16. Hi Martin Took a flight to Wongan Hills and found no airstrip. Spent the morning updating SP4 and libraries before the flight. Can you confirm Lat, Long of what airfied you have? Wongan Hills is at 30* 52' S 116* 44' E. The pics show what I discovered?
  17. May I make mention of another town - Wongan Hills. It would make another great waypoint with the scenery around the wheatbelt
  18. I have realised that I have fallen behind with the AI Traffic version installed on my PC. I have currently ver2.0 Now I see it's up to ver3.01 with a patch. Can I just install over the top of ver2.0 or do I have to install ver3.01 a required way. Thanks
  19. If it's of any help, I too also had problem opening the FTX Central. I had the same error message as above. It wasn't until I read this post , downloaded the Images Folder zip, Copy and replaced the items in the Image Folder that it all came good. I recently bought the Australia SP3 DVD then added the SP4 Patch with ORBXLIBS following that.
  20. I have just upgraded my PC within the last week with Australia SP3 and then added the ORBX Libraries. Now with SP4 available and the Note about Not to install the SP4 patch after the ORBXLIBS which must be installed last, where the download can be obtained. What is the procedure then to add SP4. Do I then install the ORBX Libraries again after SP4
  21. I have placed the Track IR on the dash but after some experimenting, I have found personally that it can be of some distraction as I view the scenery on the projected view. I have wired the Flight Yoke 4-way POV switch to control the 'look around' with a 'View Reset' to return to the front. When I can purchase 2 more projectors and extend the View across 3 screens, I may have another look with the TrackIR.
  22. I have found this site a wealth of information. http://www.zenoswarbirdvideos.com/main.html It has actual WW2 training films on some classic aircraft
  23. Fiftysix The color moving map on the IPod Touch is by FSWidgets. It's the IGMap for Iphone or IPod. (I don't represent FSWidgets)
  24. This video shows my Cessna 172 Simulator, that I am currently constructing from a disused Cessna 172 fuselage.
  25. Thanks for that, So I don't have to do anything else, other than install the disc!
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