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  1. How would it make sense to invest in developing new TE regions when there is the possibility that MSFS will effectively kill off the market for TE and Regions, even if only for P3D? Any ROI would have to be made exclusively from XP, and even this may not be enough if XP users are lured away to MSFS in enough numbers.
  2. I too went to buy something mid-afternoon (UK time) and the sale had already ended, so I didn't bother . . .
  3. Cheers Ankh. Thanks again for your help and advice!
  4. Hi Ankh, My monitor refresh rate is 59Hz. What fps setting would that suggest? Kind regards, Steve
  5. Hi Ankh, Well I did some testing yesterday, starting with your suggestions re Triple Buffering', switching to 8xMSSA and setting fps to 30. This didn't really make much difference so I added in all your other suggestions in one go. This is the result (compare with above): as you can see the results are much better, thank you! I wouldn't say the changes were a complete success as the blurries were still evident in places, but I guess I'll have to live with those until I get a new rig - or Orbx finally release the P3D TE Washington, whichever is sooner! In any case, thank you for taking the trouble to look at my specs and settings and make some positive suggestions. It's much appreciated! Kind regards, Steve
  6. Hi Ankh, Thanks for your advice, which I'll give a go tomorrow, and will let you know how it went. For now though, I can assure you I've not used the FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION tweak. I gave up trying such tweaks long ago. Life is too short! Thanks again, Steve
  7. Hi Nick, PC Specs are as follows: CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K (Oc'd to 4.2Ghz) RAM: 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 - 6GB M'board: Gigabyte Z170X All P3D related material is installed on a 1TB M.2 SSD As you see it's not exactly cutting edge these days, but it was capable of running PNW acceptably a few months ago, so why not now? Yes, the version of P3D I'm running is P3D v4.5.13.32097. Regarding issues 2 and 5 (above), I may give SimStarter NG a try over the weekend, create some geographically based profiles, and see what happens. Anticipating a possible request from yourself, here's my P3D settings, just in case there's anything obviously (to you, that is!) wrong: Hope this helps, Steve
  8. Hi Nick, I've just finished taking some comparison shots so you can see what I am talking about. The first pic is taken having taken off from Concrete Municipal in the PNW region and shows approaching WA56 Israel's Farm. As you can see the textures are pretty blurry, especially evident in the farmstead below the aircraft and in the curves of the sandbanks on the river. After letting the sim pause for a few minutes to let the textures 'pop', the scene looked like this which, as you can see is much better: I continued the flight, and crossing the coast in a direct line between Skagit Regional and Anacortes showed this very blurry mudflat: Again, leaving the sim paused for 2 or 3 minutes, resulted in the textures popping in to show this, which again is much better: As I said in my original post, this 'popping' of textures just hasn't happened to anywhere near the same extent in TEGB. This is a shot taken in the Lake District showing the area between Rydal Water and Grasmere. As you can see the textures are fine, right up to the distant mountains and there are no jaggies or blurries at all. This was taken immediately after pausing the sim, and leaving the sim paused for a few minutes didn't improve the picture in any way that I could see, suggesting that all textures were loaded on the fly, as they should be. Other comments I could make that may help point you to an explanation of why PNW and TEGB should be so different performance-wise are: 1: Performance in PNW didn't used to be so bad, though I have made no adjustments to any settings between previously and now. Nothing else I can think of has changed to bring about this degradation in performance. I've not changed my graphic driver, for instance. 2: In the period between OK and degraded performance, the only additions I have made to P3D, apart from 3 aircraft, are some Orbx sceneries. This includes TEGB and the some of the UK airfields. 3: This degradation in performance includes more obvious micro-stutters than before, and the totally new phenomenon of complete pauses of several seconds, sometimes accompanied by the circular pause 'thing' (sorry, don't know what this is called these days since they changed it from an egg-timer!) 4: I'm a bit sceptical about the suggestion to use image sharpening in the graphics driver because as the post-pause shots show, the GPU is entirely capable of rendering a PNW scene sharply, if given enough time to do so, and it had no problem with TEGB. 5: I used to get the long pauses at 6% when the simulation was loading. These disappeared when P3D was previously upgraded, but now they are back. I've tried to think of everything that may have a bearing on this, but of course, if you need anything further, just ask. Kind regards, Steve
  9. Nick: I have not had time to take screenshots this evening, but will try and take snapshots from both PNW and TEGB tomorrow evening, so you can see the contrast. Thanks again, Steve
  10. Hi, I've purchased over 100 Orbx products over the years, so am a loyal customer of the company. However, I posted a query on the P3Dv4 support forums four days ago, and since then I have had no replies from either mods or devs and my query is now languishing at the bottom of page 3. In fact, there are many other questions from other users that seem to be just ignored. I suspect that no one will ever bother to reply to us. Can I ask why this is so? We have been asked to look for support in the support forums, so what gives? Are they support forums, or not? If we have not supplied enough info, it would be nice if this was asked for. If our queries are ambiguous, it would be good if clarification was sought. This would be far better customer service than just ignoring us and hoping our problems will go away, and tbh we don't deserve to be ignored. Any comment from the 'powers that be'? Kind regards, Steve Gunard
  11. Though bear in mind that deleting EU Wales will mean you will lose Cardiff airport!
  12. Hi, I've been flying exclusively in TE GB for quite a while, and since the update got rid of the blurries it's been great fun flying around my home country. However, yesterday I went back to PNW and took off from Concrete Municipal, heading down the valley to the coast. Despite getting pin-sharp scenery in TE, the ground textures in PNW are horribly blurry. I've tried setting max framerates to 24 (they were on unlimited), as per Nick's advice, but this hasn't made any difference. I'm flying the same aircraft (Carenado Bonanza V35) and using the same graphics settings, but PNW is consistently much worse than TEGB. I would have thought TE photoscenery would have had worse performance than non-photoscenery. Any ideas as to why this may be the case? And any solutions spring to mind? Many thanks, Steve
  13. Wat to Go Benny! Well done! Good idea incentivising yourself with all that flightsim goodness!
  14. So for those of us that bought TEGB South without having EU Wales, will there be a way of purchasing Cardiff without having to buy an entire we region that 1: we don't want and then 2: have to hide?! :-|
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