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  1. Yes, Darrington has always been one of my favourites, and it looks really good in MS2020, so thank you. Those ground crew with push-back tugs are rather too omnipresent throughout the MS2020 world, though!
  2. I've had no problems with my throttles working at any particular airfield (including Orcas Island) but what I have noticed is that they don't work when I'm in the drone view - and neither do the control surfaces. Maybe you tried to adjust them in an outside view when at Orcas Island, but inside the cockpit at the others? A bit of long shot . . . but you never know!
  3. Hi, I love the free OG20 (Fairways Airport) and hate to criticise (never look a gift horse in the mouth, and all that!) but can I bring to your attention a couple of issues? The first is the large number of trees along the runways that are standing on the tips of their roots (they look like they are standing on tip-toes!) The other issue is the grass on one of the runways. It seems rather odd to leave the grass longer in the centre of the runway than on the sides. Is this how the real OG20 does things? As I say, great li
  4. Try this vid comparing single widescreen with a triple-monitor setup:
  5. Yes it is but MSFS (released just last week) is different from FSX and P3D, which have their own forum sections. Aus v2 isn't available for MSFS. Hope that clarifies things! :-)
  6. For me, Orcas Island installed OK (I flew from there last night) but it doesn't appear in the Content Manager (Profile > Content Manager). I've tried searching for KORS, Orcas, and Orbx, as well as scrolling through the whole list, but it ain't there!
  7. Yes, it's a real pain when people talk just in airport codes. Some, like KORS, are easy to remember, but as for the rest . . . C'mon people give us the name too!
  8. Yes, he did an awful lot for the simming community. Hope he's OK and still enjoying 'flying' Aimee Sanjari is another name that's just disappeared. Anyone know what happened to her?
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