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  1. Hi Nick, Always fast with support, thanks. That did the trick.....This was the problem indeed.....this is the first time this happens to me...i wonder how come? (i didn't switch it off) After switching it back on, the whole scenery and atmosphere improved, grass, RWY, Taxiways and city are fine ! Sorry for my mistrust....and thanks again for offering the solution right away. Regards, Ben
  2. Hi Orbx, Actually i always buy your scenery unseen..... but today I was a bit disappointed looking at the LYNI scenery after purchase..... is it just me? Do I miss something in the scenery? (I checked but can not change any settings) Groundpolygons seem to be standard as are the RWY and Taxiways, the airfield is surrounded by one big flat yellow grass surrounding. The city seems to be not very special, beside of some trains and a stadium that i see. I see a few statics and i see the airport name on the Terminal roof....that is a sign for me that th
  3. I can confirm that the work around workes just fine, you don't even notice what you temporarely loose with the workaround.
  4. I know it isn't on your site, but a warning could spare us some time researching what is going on with our sim. Thanks for the reply Finn.
  5. Same issue here.... when this is a known bug, why don't you guys give us a warning up front before we purchase?
  6. Hi Nick, let us not make fun about it. A Ton of people have CTD's with the new MSFS..... so it's a definitely unstable simulator until now and that is a bit sad news. I don't say dat my CTD's are because of Orbx scenery but i had a non CTD version.... until i installed Orbx scenery and just want to report that. The remark about floating lights around the lower west approach area LOWi maybe do need attention? (it is around the city area tough....) Regards, Ben
  7. Thanks for the tip, after reinstalling i will do next time first. regards, Ben
  8. Hi Orbx, My MSFS was stable and working okay, but after installing LOWZ, LOWI London city and landmarks MSFS gets a CTD without being able to start in any a/c. The first flight after installing Orbx scenery, i was able to do one night approach to LOWI, after this i can not enter any aircraft because i get a CTD's all the time. I know MSFS is not stable at all, but mine was and it seems that installing Orbx scenery broke that. Now, i do not say that this is something at Orbx side....but i wanted to let you know my experience. Beside the CTD's
  9. I feel a bit awkward......... Today i have restart investigating what was going on with my Orbx scenery and P3Dv5 system due to the problems i had yesterday. I have found out that after every scenery installment of after loading a situation on a Orbx USA airport i have to close P3Dv5 and restart my PC system. When i do this, every single time i load up a flight the scenery is displayed in the right way (with (!) trees and simobjects). So installing a scenery and in the same P3Dv5 session check of the trees at 11S or 0S9 are still there is not the right
  10. Hi guy's, The last post in this tread was April 19...... Meanwhile i did a format:\c, installed Win10 Pro and installed P3Dv5 with Global Base, All Orbx regions, All Europe airports, PMDG B748, Leonardo MD82, My general aviation A2A aircraft. Everything works fine. But........ After i installed my first USA airport (11S Sekui) things started to go wrong. Today i have been busy with this for 14 hours and this is what i found out: Starting the sim loading a situation at 11S gives me sometimes all trees, scenery and objects. The nex
  11. Hello, I have no taxiway and ramp textures at LOWI, anybody else experience this? Also i habe double windsocks (two socks on one stick), wich is probably cause by SODE because P3Dv5 is warning during startup that it has double SODE entry's. (i have P3DV4.5 installed on the same HD. Regards, Ben
  12. Hi Nick, As Doc_Z stated (thanks) and i meanwhile found out it is a Sode problem. I have 17 scenery's wich are reporting double sode entry files out of P3Dv4.5 wich infect the startup sequence of Sode in P3DV5 and this while i even not have installed any scenery yet. It started when I let Orbx Central recognize my newly installed P3Dv5 and thereafter installed only SODE out of Central into P3Dv5. I will do some more investigation. Regards, Ben
  13. Hi Nick, i have no Orbx aircraft in Central, it is all about scenery. The messages come up during startup of P3Dv5. regards, Ben
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