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  1. Hello, I have managed to resolve this issue. Potentially can still be marked as an Orbx Central bug, at least for Linux. When you 'Uninstall' the scenery broken symlinks don't get removed, and when the package is reinstalled the broken symlink remains. I took a fairly drastic step of deleting all of the Orbx symlinks in the 'Custom Scenery' directory, then thankfully when I 'Verify' the files, Central was good enough to simply write new symlinks which now all work! It would be really handy is 'Verify Files' checked for a valid Symlink and/or when you remove an airfield/
  2. Hello, I think that is my issue exactly. It is installed, in that it's downloaded, verified, etc. Also, as stated in my initial post, I've tried removing, re-downloading and re-installing. Hence I'm stuck. Surely Central should be dealing with the scenery_packs.ini, as it has with all other scenery I've installed? If Orbx Central shows it as installed (and bearing in mind everything else works), does this suggest Central has a bug by not 'installing' it into XP11 properly? I've included my Central.log as well. I can see all the symlinks from xplane and they all point to
  3. Perhaps I should say, I have installed all of these through Orbx Central which I expected to take care of the scenery_packs.ini and so on. I have also tried the 'Validate Files' and 'Sync Simulator'. 'Automatic layering' is also turned on.
  4. Hello, I'm in need of help, please. I've had a look through these forums and can't find an answer. From Orbx I have bought both TrueEarth GB South and the Chichester/Goodwood airport. However, around Goodwood only the default TrueEarth seems to be displaying. I've attached the log and .ini files as requested, they don't mean a great deal to me sadly. Am I missing something obvious? All my other Orbx goods seem to work well enough. Many thanks in advance, Jason I have tried obvious options such as verifying both files, I have also removed and re
  5. Sorry to reply to my own message, but I found the answer on Discord. It seems that the Linux download is here: https://api.volanta.app/api/v1/ClientUpdate/Latest/linux And for reference, the MacOS is here: https://api.volanta.app/api/v1/ClientUpdate/Latest/macos Looks to be written in the same language/framework as Central, so installation is dead easy. Just make the file executable and double-click on it. My thanks to the Volanta team for supporting Linux
  6. Raw/Untouched Screenshot. Sim: X Plane 11 on Linux Area: Central Wales with Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South p.s. thank you Orbx for not only supporting X Plane but Linux too, beautiful scenery!
  7. Sorry for the daft question - has anyone managed to download this on Linux? I'm running X-Plane 11 on Linux (Fedora 33), the website (and indeed these posts) say Volanta is Windows/MacOS/Linux compatible, which is great news (slight aside, really love Central on Linux, caused me to spend a small fortune on Orbx scenery). However, the download links are pointing towards a Windows executable. Thanks for the help, looking forward to trying out!
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