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  1. Thanks for sharing! Can't believe the 767 is actually gone. I have such fond memories of flying on Qantas 767s. As they say good things must come to an end. Would have been nice for QF to keep it for a few more days, then they would have been flying the 767 for 30 years!!!
  2. From my own personal experience I would stay clear of Alienware. Their products may look pretty cool, but they are overly expensive for the performance. I would recommend going and checking out http://www.xoticpc.com/ or http://www.originpc.com/ I know that when I go off to uni or something and want a laptop for flightsim these are the places I will go to. Ollie
  3. Hey mate, I would have to highly recommend VATSIM. The default ATC doesn't even come close, and while there are applications like VOXATC, they lack the real human contact of real life flying. It defiantly was a big learning curve, and that first call to tower is one that will make your heart beat a bit faster, hoping that you won't screw up. While it is good to go in there with a good amount of background knowledge, I found the best way for me to learn was actually making mistakes. The controllers is OZ are all in my opinion really nice guys, who are more than happy to out if things go
  4. As stated above, FS labs Concorde X. While the visuals are a bit dated, it has full systems and is defiantly the most difficult aircraft I have ever flow. So don't expect it to be a jump in and fly aircraft. While the virtual flight engineer does help, it is still a very hands on A/C, but when you successfully fly EGLL to KJFK in 3 hours it makes it all worthwhile! A very cool feeling indeed flying Mach 2.02 at FL600! If you are looking for a concorde the FS labs is a definite must buy!
  5. Wow! How lucky you are! I would love to go into the cockpit during flight, especially ride in the jumpseat during takeoff/ landing. Unfortunately because of certain events that have happened to the aviation industry I probably never will until I hopefully land my first airline job, however many years away that will be! Thanks for sharing the pic mate!
  6. Longest of mine would be 14 hours Sydney to Dubai in the PMDG 777. Just set it up and had it running overnight. I am hoping to do EGLL to YSSY in the -200LR sometime soon, and that would be 20 hours non-stop.
  7. Looks great! Can't wait to see them flying down at point cook on Saturday! Should be a great day!
  8. It the real life, yes, ferry fuel compartments can be added. I know someone who flew his Cessna 172 from over in the US to Sydney, of course island hopping along the way. He has a fuel tank fitted in the cabin which took up 3 seats. There certainly aren't any 'ferry fuel' add ons, however a few CFG edits should allow you to carry more fuel.
  9. I'm heading down to RAAF Williams in Point Cook, Victoria for the Centenary of Military Aviation Airshow. They will be having a number of flying displays and static displays such as F/A-18s, 737 Wedgetail, C-17s, Roulettes, KC-30s. All information on the event can be found here: http://www.airforce.gov.au/Interact/Displays/Air-Shows/?RAAF-iBBIZGwstZ874cZM/cfL/Idc+u6Ro5VF
  10. Well I'm looking forward to the Next Level Simulations A380 now that they have started work on the project again. Wouldn't mind some 'Super' flights across the Tasman and Emirates flights to destinations not covered by the 777 Also looking forward to the P3D V2 licencing for the PMDG line of aircraft, so then I will actually have a reason to buy the new platform. The Aerosoft A330 is another aircraft on my watchlist. Lastly I'm looking forward to the Pro version of the Q400 so I can do some multi-cockpit flights with some mates.
  11. You may want to have a look at the original Qantas Kangaroo Route. I believe it went Sydney, Darwin, Singapore, Calcutta, Karachi, Cairo and then London Heathrow. Mind you as your are flying a 737 that could be reduced down, but still a fun trip
  12. Another Majestic Q400 pilot here! I absolutely love it, can't wait for the Pro version so I can do some shared cockpit.
  13. Frank how many times this year has it been Christmas for you?
  14. Hello all, Soon Qantas will be releasing their 4th edition to the aboriginal flying art series; 'Mendoowoorrji'. They will be painting up a brand new 737-800 aircraft in the special livery. No pictures of the aircraft have been released as of yet, however their Facebook cover photo does reveal what it could look like. A couple of hours ago they uploaded a video to YouTube http://www.youtube.c...h?v=MC6Jg2NqpNc I can't wait until what ever it ends up looking like is painted up onto the NGX Cheers, Ollie
  15. I don't have the twotter, but would really recommend the Dash-8. It is such a great aircraft to fly, it just flies like nothing else for flight sim!
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