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  1. Thanks. I’ve spoken with the developers and raised a ticket with Asobo. The crash consistently refers to ntdll.dll. Interestingly, I downloaded the WSSS scenery from the MSFS marketplace—with the expectation that it would crash— and it worked absolutely fine. So perhaps there’s an issue with 1.1 on the Orbx store?
  2. Hello, Is anyone else experiencing crashes with World Update 3 and the WSSS airport scenery? Anytime I spawn into or fly into the Singapore region, I am experiencing a CTD. I have both the SG landmarks pack and WSSS scenery installed. I removed the landmarks scenery and the CTD still happened, then I reinstalled it and removed the WSSS scenery and the CTD stopped. When I reinstalled the WSSS scenery, the CTD started happening again. Thanks, S
  3. After installing the scenery I can see that is being used--Marina Bay Sands light show, Fullerton Hotel, etc. are all there. However, the Formula 1 track is covered in trees and Marina Barrage doesn't exist. Both of these appear to have been cleaned up the screenshots. Is anyone else seeing this?
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