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  1. Hello Nick, thanks, I check case by case, airport by airport. Be sure I'm enjoyed about Orbx Global products!
  2. ... and some are (automatically) placed between Africa and Asia... (sorry I don't want to flood the topic)...
  3. Ok thanks Nick, I'll try ASAP, but it's not explained clearly in PDF manuals. Layers are as installed by Orbx Central application. As you can see, I moved FlyTampa Sydney V2 (at least over FTXAUv2) for same reason. Regards.
  4. Hello Nick, for now sorry I can't provide screen capture because I'm in (long haul) flight! But I report similar problem with KPAE than mentioned by johnfol and perohijo screenshots. I don't have tested all of mine 3rd party (non Orbx) airports, either in Europe and North America. Perhaps I'll must to change scenery priorities (by using Lorby), in order to place 3rd party airports over Orbx vector? Be sure Nick I'm not a "liar", so I'll provide screen capture ASAP (probably tomorrow). Regards, Dominique.
  5. Hello, I've noticed also this evening many airport elevation issues in Europe and North America. Lastest I've seen was KPAE (Paine) included in Drzewiecki Design's Seattle Airports X v1.4 add-on. No issue prior to install Orbx Global Base Pack + Orbx Vector Prepar3D v5 + OpenLC North America (+ OpenLC Europe & AU Australia v2). I'm surprised they're no tool to "exclude" airports, for Prepar3D v5.x Cheers, Dominique Camus
  6. Hi, I'm also disappointed about BGL jetways for YMML and YBBN (I'm new Orbx user, have spend many money last days). I don't understand why we don't have the choice between Ctrl+J (BGL) and SODE jetways, more modern and reliable. I've abandoned all UK2000 sceneries (in particular EGLL Heathrow) for similar reason. Assuming these products aren't cheap in general, an effort by Orbx developers will be appreciated. TIA.
  7. Hi, good news: I've retried at 11:00 (UTC) - download is complete. Probably an issue (fixed) on ams1.cdn.orbxsystems.com This ticket can be closed. Regards.
  8. Thanks for reply, but doing both doesn't solve the problem. I've stopped Orbx Central by Alt-F4, rebooted the ISP modem, restarted my Windows 10, have done a ipconfig /flushdns but nothing change. Remaining stucked, can't download/install YBBN Brisbane. Also, the log mentions (line 121): Downloading http://orbxcdn.com/v4//ybbn/4da22e77-5f19-4e16-81d1-4a5981e0543d.c.zip In my opinion the problem is surely the double-slash // between v4 and ybbn in the URL By removing one slash, I can download from Firefox the 21MB file 4da22e77-5f19-4e16-81d1-4a5981e0
  9. Order Information Transaction ID: 6025b503a6d30 Product: YBBN Brisbane International Airport Amount paid: $32.95 AUD Purchased at: 2021-02-11 23:06:06 Quantity: 1
  10. Hi, I've bought many Orbx products since last days (for Prepar3D v5), no problem for download/installation via Orbx Central. However, I have a persistent Connection interrupted. Retrying... for YBBN Brisbane International Airport. I precise my internet access is working. Please help! (thanks in advance) Regard. Dominique central.log
  11. February 2021... same issue for lastest bought airport (Brisbane). Impossible to download/install, stucked since many minutes. No problem for all other Orbx products I've bought during lastest days.
  12. Hi, I'm new Orbx user, have bought Global BASE pack, Global Vector Prepar3D v5, Global OpenLC Europe and Global OpenLC North America, and ESSA Stockholm Arlanda airport. Simulator is Prepar3D v5.0 HF2 (Professional Edition). I'm using SODE v1.7.1 since many months and GSX Level 2. SODE jetways work for many airports (such MK Dublin, sim-wings London-Heathrow, JustSim Nice LFMN, etc). At ESSA, the jetway at gate F31 (or F35) works fine (for FSLabs A320), but at gates 15 or 16 the jetway doesn't move (but 10 works). I've not tested other, however. Any idea? Thanks in advance. Dominiq
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