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  1. Could i have a link to download FTX 3 please
  2. Well on a re-install of P3D Orbx Central mislayered my scenery (i dont use any other 3rd party add ons apart from a weather engine). I had duplicated buildings in Moscow so whos knows what else had been mis placed? This fresh install was on an existing windows installation where i had removed P3D, all orbx sceneries and FTX central to cleanly update to 4.5 and then reinstalled all scenery with Orbx Central- this is when the problems first occurred. So i have gone for the nuclear option by re installing windows and have just installed vanilla P3D 4.5....reluctant to use Central. I know Nick had provided a link to another forum member to FTX 3 as he was still using that for scenery installed prior to Centrals release.
  3. After having problems with scenery layers on P3D 4.5 using central I decided to fresh install windows 10 and then fresh install P3D …..should I use FTX to install sceneries baring in mind how much it got messed up by relying on Orbx direct
  4. Thanks for the suggestion B77X, but it doesn't really address the real issue....why is Orbx Central putting the scenery layers in the wrong place on a fresh install with no other 3rd party scenery
  5. Hello, the insertion point is default as set by Central , ive never changed it
  6. Sorry to resurrect my old thread... Whilst I appreciate Nick in particular who is always on hand with help....I'm getting quite annoyed with being told my scenery library is not set up correctly. This was a fresh install of P3D V4 , Orbx only scenery (no other 3rd party) all installed through Orbx Central... It seems that these products aren't fit for purpose or at least the installer/orbx central isn't ...some of us don't have time to tweak into the minute of our flight sims...we just wanna fly. I'm sorry but I haven't been able to bring myself to buy anymore Orbx products since I found out how screwed everything might be
  7. Anybody have any ideas how I can get rid of this duplicated scenery? I have checked Paris , another Euro city and that looked ok. Ive verified files on Base, Euro LC and vector and the only thing that re downloaded was Euro LC. I only use Orbx scenery so no other thing messing with my install
  8. So it seems I have a duplication of landmarks in Moscow- perhaps I need to check out other European cities...cant think why this would occur on a fresh install of P3D and only using orbx scenery
  9. So yes I have two red squares. This is a re install of p3d 4.5- I followed the recommended instructions to uninstall P3D and delete remaining folders plus also uninstalled all orbx software and FTX Central and the reinstalled everything from scratch this time using Orbx central to install all scenery as a separate library outside the sim (apart from Global base and libraries)….
  10. Well mine certainly looks nothing like that....scenery on extreme dense..in winter...with global and vector and lc Europe installed...
  11. P3d 4.5 installed Global base, vector and all landclass packages from Orbx plus specific sceneries for UK,Norway and USA (so shouldn't affect Russia?) Never taken a flight ovr Moscow before and was dismayed to see Red square buildings sitting atop the main river and another part of red square hovering above the ground...i'm presuming Vector has done this especially in regards to placement of river..is this a known issue or unique to me
  12. Thanks I did try this and it gave me the option to restore default air traffic but ticking it didn't work in the sim. In the end I renamed the trafficAircraft.bgl file as you suggested. I just find it very strange that the control panels I have for orbx Australia and NA did not give me the restore option when downloading the latest versions thru Orbx central
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