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  1. Hi Holger, Yes, this is confirmed by the first 6 images in my original post. To me this seemed to be less than ideal (to put it mildly!) and I did bring it up with the Developer in question. It would involve me having to make manual changes to restore those scenery and texture folders each time I wanted to enjoy daytime flights over photoreal Now I’m starting to wonder whether this was all down to a simple oversight and, instead, we should have been working with those CVX folders? I think I may need to discuss this further with the Developer in question as I
  2. Hi Nick, Many thanks for your help with those images, I appreciate it! However, in the interests of greater clarity, could you either delete the line ‘Scenery and Texture folders RE-ENABLED in FTX_EU_!GBN_08_CUSTOM’ OR reposition it below the image it is currently sitting above (4th image from bottom of my post). Thank you. I did not mention the name of the Developer in the hope that you would be able to guess his identity. That way we could avoid any unnecessary public embarrassment if he is proved to be wrong about this. From your response, it would appear that t
  3. Hi, Products: FTX EU Scotland, FTX Global openLC Europe, FTX EU England, TrueEarth GB North, Global Vector - Prepar3D v5, TrueEarth GB Central For the past month or so I have been working with another Developer to identify the cause of a display error on my Prepar3D V5 (HF2) setup. His product requires the scenery and texture folders in FTX_EU_!GBN_08_CUSTOM and FTX_EU_!GBC_08_CUSTOM to be turned OFF to disable the Orbx Vector Data files. In each case, 2 dummy folders (scenery and texture) are substituted and each contains an empty text file named 'Do_Not_Remove.txt'.
  4. Hi, Perhaps this might help: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/536003-texture-issues-black-and-incomplete-loading/?do=findComment&comment=3846550 The post is from a thread I started a year ago. It appears that whatever the actual cause it has yet to be resolved. I have encountered it on the odd occasion since that time and the solution has always been the same: the reinstallation of OpenLC NA. Regards, Mike
  5. Hi Nick, Smudger Yes, unchecked...but, as it turns out, you were both on the right track (see below) Hi Holger, You've done it again! All the relevant regions needed to have that option deactivated. NA SAK Control Panel: (I am using Black Marble Night Lighting) Result (1) Result (2) The annoying thing is that I was aware that option should be unchecked in the Global Vector Config Tool but, for some reason, didn't appreciate that this had no affect inside the FTX Regions. Looks like I have learned somethin
  6. Hi Guys, Sorry about this appearing so soon after my somewhat embarrasing recent 'waves' episode. I hope this doesn't turn out to be another instance of competence found wanting...lol I have reinstalled FTX Global openLC North America, NA Southern Alaska and PAJN Juneau International Airport using the removing the relevant TXT files from the User Documents\Versions folder method. I have forced a re-migration of the unified lclookup. The Migration Troubleshooter reports everything has Migrated correctly. So far,
  7. Hi Holger, I hang my head in shame, what a prize ejjit!! My humble apologies for wasting everyones' time. I guess, subconsciously, I must have been assuming that NA Pacific Northwest was providing the necessary coverage. I should have twigged when Stewart asked me whether FTX SAK was installed. Never occurred to me I should have checked the Scenery Library! Won't be making that mistake again! Thanks everyone for your help and in particular, Holger for your patience while tolerating this nitwit..LOL! To finish off, here's a nice piccie - maxed out t
  8. Hi Stewart, I'm pretty sure that the box is unchecked by default. I've never tried checking it...until now, and still no joy, I'm afraid. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. Regards, Mike
  9. Hi Holger, Sadly, the reinstallation of SAK, PAJN and the ORBX Libraries didn't produce the desired result. Here are a few images which might offer some clues. Also, I've attached my Scenery.cfg file for you to examine. You will note that many Scenery Areas are inactive simply because it allows speedier loading of the sim between tests....and I'm growing used to the experience! In future, I intend to enable only those Areas as are relevant for each flight. A few random Areas such as PAJN have been enabled for this troubleshoot. Should I be seeing
  10. Hi Holger, Good to speak to you again. It seems such a long time since last we exchanged posts! Thanks very much for your helpful suggestions. Also, those reference images should prove invaluable. You’ve certainly given me much to think about. I’ll try the reinstall route first - SAK, PAJN and the ORBX Libraries and report back. Fingers crossed! Cheers, Mike
  11. Hi Glenn, Yes and yes. Actually PAJN does not appear in the listings of the AEC tool. So I tried Pilot’s AM2 tool (FSGU-NG installed), but that did not provide the answer either. Regards, Mike
  12. Hi Stewart, Sorry, bit slow on the uptake! I now realise you meant NA Southern Alaska ('SAK') and, yes, it is installed along with all the other Nprth American FTX Regions. Perhaps I should try reinstalling NA Southern Alaska? Think that would help? Regards, Mike
  13. Really? This is the first time I’ve seen this issue and PAJN has been a favourite destination for quite a while. This has arisen since my strip back of the sim and now reactivation of various Scenery Library components. To me it looks like it may be a Class problem which is allowing the default wave effects to appear on top of the FTX PAJN textures. I’m no expert and, admittedly, this is all mere speculation on my part - in fact it could be that I am not using the correct terminology when referring to ‘Class’. I will look at the PAJN documentation. Thanks. Regards, Mike
  14. Hi Stewart, No, may I ask why? Regards, Mike
  15. Hi, I've been testing some stuff recently for a couple of Developers which necessitated stripping back the sim to a near default state. That's done and so now I'm in the process of reactivating everything. This evening I decided on having a pleasant flight at FTX: PAJN. All seemed well bar the appearance of waves where they should not be: I hate to admit it but, for the life of me, I can't recall what I should be doing to correct this issue! I have the full set of Regions installed and the Migration Troubleshooter has confirmed everything has migrated correctl
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