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  1. Yeah, I just tried again and its fully deleted from the folder but still crashing. I may try removing more airports later.
  2. Hello Nick, thanks for the reply. I guess I was thinking the MSFS water wouldn't need to be changed as out of the box that is the more accurate color already. Could we not just revert the river to stock MSFS in the Orbx version? Some may assume because its a cold mountainous area that the darker water is correct, but the light blue/green color is due to minerals in the water as its a glacial river. So my issue was that in the Orbx version its got a dark blue color that more closely resembles open ocean rather than the light blue/green glacial river. I heard a few other comments fro
  3. I'm not sure it's the only conflict as I still get a CTD with Wycombe Air Park uninstalled.
  4. Hello, I am very interested in purchasing the LOWI airport upgrade as I think the overall modeling is some of the best I've seen, but after watching some reviews and demos, the only thing holding me back is the water masking issue. Currently the default has the more correct water color, which is a beautiful glacial blue. The Orbx airport has the airport as a darker muddy color which fades in rather abruptly. It may seem like a small issue but the river is a very noticeable feature when flying in and out of the airport. After all the town gets its name from the river, and it snakes right past t
  5. I keep trying to get this to work but the issue is still happening for me. Anytime I load into Tacoma narrows or even the Seattle/NW Washington area I get a CTD. Removing the Orbx Tacoma Narrows lets me load into the SeaTac or other Washington airports fine. The issue persists even after removing everything from the community folder, so I’m not sure its conflicting with anything in particular. Just never seems to work for me after the holidays. I bought it from the Orbx desktop app (not the in game marketplace) around black Friday, and back before Christmas it worked just fine. I tried to find
  6. Hello I am still having this issue and anytime I try to load at Tacoma Narrows or even near it I get a CTD. I have been trying to get this scenery to work for some time now. I have removed everything from my community folder and the problem still persists.
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