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  1. I moved the orbs scenery folders into the custom scenery folder in xplane, added the lines into the .ini file and now it works. I am now downloading and installing (again) GB central and I will be sure to let you know if I get stuck again. This is easily the most unintuitive difficult gaming purchase, I can’t quite believe this is all so difficult and complicated. Even without making the process simpler, if you just put the basic requirements and how it all works somewhere in the purchase page it might save you a lot of hassle, and everybody making the purchase! It’s mi
  2. PLease tell me what i need to move/do to get this working. THank you.
  3. i have just removed my last name from the file (i'm suspicious of the internet!). Thanks
  4. Also, here is the file manager to see where everything is located. 'OrbxX Temp' is what i created in the download settings as the temp folder.
  5. As you can see, the hard disk has nearly 800GB free space. I deleted X plane, after uninstalling all the Orbx scenery. I reinstalled xplane, updated it, reinstalled GB South and now X plane loads but the scenery doesn't show. I look at the .ini file and there is no reference at all in there to the Orbx scenery. See attached. I would really appreciate getting this sorted, it has taken hours and is most frustrating. THank you for your help. scenery_packs.ini
  6. Thank you. I tried to move the original installation and that must have created a copy of some sort. Anyway i have uninstalled GB south, deleted some stray files. Now no scenery loads, its just all default. Before i uninstalled GB south - i checked and i have 600gb of available space on that hard drive. I am going to uninstall everything and start again from the beginning. I have to say, so far this is a complete waste of money. No add-on should be this complicated. I shouldn't need a degree in computing to do this. THanks for your help. I'll come back if it STILL doesn
  7. Thanks. This started to work after i moved the order of the .ini file and it started working great. But all of a sudden while in flight I got an error similar to the attached screenshot, and then X plane closes down. Every time I try to 'resume flight' i get the same error message. I have tried to play around with the order of the .ini file but this has not fixed it. The only thing that changed was that I also installed North and Central GB, but I was able to fly after this for some time before it all completely broke...here is my .ini file: Thank you for your help! I
  8. I have installed Great Britain South onto the local hard disk. xplane I think I have installed on the cloud. When I load up xplane to fly over London, all I see is the satellite photos on the ground, but absolutely zero objects generated. Just static satellite photos. For example, there are no cars, no trees and even objects like the millennium dome is just a flat image. This is obviously not working as it should and I can't find a solution. Please advise??
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