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  1. Just want to say that the scenery is fantastic, really enjoying what you guys have done here. There's one minor thing I noticed that I found a bit odd, might be something on my end. But the runway "markers" on the MSFS map seems to be a little off. I like to select these as arrival points when doing landing practices but they dont line up with the runway like on other airports. Anyway, congrats on the release, it's a fantastic product
  2. Great trailer, will this be available on the MSFS marketplace on the day of release or will that take a little longer?
  3. Yeah having issues with ENTO, but turning off Bing maps works
  4. Super excited for this one, really love your work Marcus. Any particular reason you chose this project?
  5. This looks stunning, are there any estimates as to when we might see this released?
  6. Glad to hear release is close, really excited for this, checking almost daily for updates. Kudos to everyone who's been working on it, it's really looking fantastic
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