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  1. Hello lifejogger, BradB, flyingleaf and adambar, Thank you for your nice comments ! Jean-Noël
  2. Base Pack + Vector + openLC Europe Hello, Short flight from Orly (LFPO) to Schiphol (EHAM) with a well-known payware Constellation (L-049), here the beautiful "the flying Dutchman". Position is : N51° 22.47' E004° 01.20' Good luck everybody, Jean-Noël
  3. Hello, Here is an openoffice file with 1182 aerodromes. I gathered the compilations found in different messages and added the free aerodromes found in Orbx Central. Those found in Orbx Central are tagged Orbx in the BUNDLE column. Jean-Noel ORBX Global Freeware Airports.ods
  4. Hello, I am seriously thinking about buying Orbx products, especially for Fsx. But with the arrival of MSFS, will you continue to produce products for fsx, especially European scenes (France, Italy, Spain, etc ...). Thank you.
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