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  1. right guys i have changed the light txtpad over. I have also concentrated so much on the night lights i will do a few day time UK EGKK-EGCC to see if the day time scenery actually goes and report back.
  2. I actually have a vid of it guys which might explain all this a little better. This might be able to give all you guys a much better understanding of what is happening https://youtu.be/6cnKhC08_0w https://youtu.be/nFtscpf5Uoc
  3. Hi guys, I finally got a chance to test again, I do fly with lua but I have tried it with out and it still happens
  4. I am also able to get in to the sim with vulkan now so i will try what you said Jon and report back.
  5. And in reply to you @Jon Clarke please see attached my plug ins and if needed my scenery folder again.
  6. Hi, I am not too bothered about the render distance, its more of a concern about the night lights randomly disappearing and coming back. lt did it again when I was testing on a flight from Paris to Gatwick last night. Standard night lights in France was fine got over the channel obrx scenery started showing in the distance (including night lights) I was at around 15,000. A couple of minutes more flying, night lights disappeared scenery showed exactly like the screenshot in this thread. Then approaching Gatwick at around 10,000 they came back and stayed there until end of flight. J
  7. Hi Tony, No the houses are all looking good its literally just the night lights. I am yet to try on Vulkan hoping g to get around to this tomorrow and will post an update. Is there any way that I can increase drawing distance ? Many Thanks Sam
  8. Hi Guys, Thank you both for trying to help me solve the issue. I think the main issue here is that the Orbx scenery night lights dissappear through flight and come back again. The Orbx night lights across England from the packs that I bought from Orbx look really good when working. With Vulkan, I only have a gtx 1070 so with buildings on max I'm getting around 25 to 35. I'm concerned if I start bumping everything up to max its going to kill my FPS. Hence why I haven't really looked in to or know any knowledge about Vulkan. I'm just struggling to understan
  9. Ok thanks I will try and report back aprechiate the help.
  10. Hi, Here is my log file and also attached is a picture of my graphic settings. Log.txt
  11. Hi, Sure, I'm very new to this do you mind telling me where the log.txt file is. The screenshot of the graphics in x plane i can handle no problem
  12. Hi Thanks for the reply. My setting is one below max however would that really cause this issue for all lights to disappear and then randomly re appear ten odd minutes later.
  13. Hi Guys, I wonder if you can help me, I have both True Earth scenery packs SE and Central. The issue happens on both packs and is to do with my night lighting. Randomly the night lighting will disappear as you see in my attached picture and then randomly come back. The attached is zoomed in so you can see some building lights and you can see that the scenery pack is there because of the buildings being loaded in but the night lights come and go. The night lights will always load in to the sim however the disappearance would normally happen between the flight. Im not u
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