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  1. Thanks for you help, I don't think I should waste anymore of your time. In the process of trying to fix this Beaver I had actually found that file at FSdevelopers. It did fix my gauges and prop lever but never did anything with the lighting issue. So I did download the file you led me to and installed it. Still no lighting. I might not be following through enough as I read on their page to also download the xmltools3d which I have done so will get busy and see what I am doing wrong. I am still glad I bought the Milviz from your site as Milviz has never gotten back to me with what I need to reg
  2. Okay I am not as blind as I thought. I looked in there and there is nothing that resembles xml files. Paul
  3. where do I look for your products list. Paul
  4. Oh sorry about that. I have gone to Prepar3d 4.5 Paul
  5. Where to start. I originally purchased this airplane from Milviz January 2020 approx. Realized it would not work on my computer graphic card so just put it away for future use. Also had my proof of purchase stored on my hard drive. Well my hard drive crashed and I needed to upgrade so spent over $2000.00 upgrading my computer. Now I have a very nice power house and installed my new Beaver (my favorite airplane). I have had a lot of issues and probably because I downloaded it and had my virus software running. Can't remember and that is because I am an old one. Milviz seem to not give a damn ab
  6. Thanks for your effort. I will just mess around till I find a repair. I was reading something about if you did not have your virus software disabled it could be the problem, good chance that is what has happened. Anyway happy flying Paul
  7. Hey nice of you to respond. I bought this Beaver Jan of 2020 not realizing that at the time my computer could not run it. I was using FSX. I have now upgraded to 24 gb ram, faster hard drive, geforce rtx 3060 ti. Have i7 cpu 975@3.33ghz. Win10 and Prepar3d4.5. My computer is running very nicely so very excited to use this DH2 as it is one of my favorite aircraft. I have all the upgrades Orbx has done in the British Columbia Canada region and hoping to get this Beaver working better. I attached a copy of the Panel in Milviz for you to see. I don't see anywhere it says 64k. So maybe that is the
  8. Thank you very much for your help. I installed the xml and now have working gauges etc. I noticed that I do not have VC night lighting either, also gauges don't light up. I have been on Milviz forum but no luck finding any fixes. Don't seem to give much customer support. I have a lot of Orbx scenery and you folks have always been awesome in that area. I would have purchased this Beaver from you but didn't realize Orbx also had it for download. I don't think I would purchase anymore aircraft from Milviz. Thanks again for your help. Paul
  9. I have tried to find the xml.dll at fsdevelopers but I get the page not found message. Any idea where I might be able to get the xml file somewhere else. Any help would be greatly appreciated Paul
  10. Hello Nick: Yes I can do that. Sabertooth78 has posted NTKT so I will post the others. Because I am new to using the forum, do I just add a reply to the thread. Paul
  11. Hi Holger. Thanks for you quick response. I followed the tread and can see there has been a lot of issues with misfits. I must have missed something as I still don't know what to do. It looks like Neil has been fixing these problems and has released the fix but where do I find it. As far as I know I have the latest's version of FTX Vector. Paul
  12. Yes I have. I have tried everything I can think of. Including a complete fresh install of FSX just in case I had some scenery somewhere I had forgotten about. It seems like it could be a layering issue but not sure.
  13. My Transaction ID number is (5a1ba5f60166d). I lost may email order id number for FTX Globel Vector. I am having issues with airport placement and elevations. Can't seem to find anything on forum to help me. I have done a complete reinstall of my FSX and followed instruction on reinstalling my FTX scenery. Once I install Globel Vector I run into issues with some of the airports in the Caribbean, and French Polynesia islands. I have taken some pictures and attached. The ones I have pictures of are NTKT,TIST,TNCE,TNGA. There are more and some are also okay in these areas. I have tried everything
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