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  1. I was planning to buy the OpenLC Europe pack but I saw that I needed the WorldWide BASE pack, which confuesed me, why should I buy the Europe one if I can get a worldwide one? Without the Europe DLC, is it normal FSX scenery? Or is it all detailed? Thanks
  2. huh. ok, do you know where some of the best detailed places are for this scenery then? the ones in the pictures look great and thats what i was expected everywhere. but thats ok.
  3. Hey again, When i select that it goes to default FSX scenery because theres nothing different about it, I just spawned in at Southampton airport and theres the same old 2d trees/
  4. Well this is what i have in my FSX scenery library, but when i go into free flight and select a location in add-on scenery ↓
  5. Alright, by the way theres still another scenery.cfg file in my other drive but you can't see the Orbx scenery in that one. Scenery.CFG
  6. Yes sir, it asked me to install that first when clicking on the EU England region
  7. Hey Nick, If your saying that global scenery products are only for the libraries, does the seperate scenery for FSX install directly into the FSX directory? Because if so, Its not showing up, I can see the scenery in scenery library but when I go to free flight no areas or airports show up on the list. It's all activated in the scenery library and it says its installed properly but it won't let me spawn in to the airports on add-on scenery.
  8. So I got Orbx central, then I wanted to install a scenery thing for FSX so I bought it and It asked me to install Orbx libraries. So I did, but it doesn't really work. When I installed the scenery it didn't prompt me to install it in a certain location and it installed somewhere and I can't find it to install it into the FSX directory. I have folders for installing these things but nothing goes into them, I made 2 libraries and you can see them below, but also they are empty with 0 B of files in them. I hope this makes sence to people and I hope you can all help. Happy new year. Also if you're
  9. Well theres no real way to say this differently but it just doesent work, as when i go to Search Add-on scenery in the select Select Airport window, theres nothing there, when launching the game it says 'Adding new scenery files to database' or something along those lines, and i havent made any changes to my fsx directory before installing Orbx central at all.
  10. hey, the last one i attached was from the C drive but my normal drive where all my games are installed is my D drive, my C drive is for windows 10 system files. The one with the Orbx scenery in it is in the C drive but it still doesent work and im still experiencing these problems. I could try moving the one from the C drive to the D drive it you think that would work. but i dont know how some of my planes have completely bugged out from just installing the Orbx central and the scenery.
  11. Hey, I actually saw that I can see some Orbx addons in my C drive scenery config but not in my D drive one (D drive is my main drive) I think that thats the possible problem. Edit: I also found no file with SE on the end Scenery.CFG
  12. I actually did go through that exact path, it might be because I recently reinstalled the scenery and it doesent show it, this one should be what you expected. Also, it says Date modified:03/06/2020 next to OldScenery.cfg, Scenery.cfg and SceneryStatus.bin. Scenery.CFG
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