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  1. Looks like the runway centerline markings do not line up all the way down this runway. Any idea why?
  2. I checked out that site and downloaded ADE. After having spent a couple of days learning about it, my understanding of the manipulation of P3D files is much improved. Now that I have better tools, I wish I hadn't just gone in there and deleted some of those files. Default scenery showing through an add-on like that can easily be solved with ADE and a YouTube video. Live and learn.
  3. Thanks. I'll have to look into that. I don't know much about making these modifications. What's the best way to get started?
  4. OK, thanks. This is not normally a problem for me with a single airport since I just find the OBX dot BGL file for the particular problem airport and delete it. In this case I just picked a random airport I liked and saw the conflict after installing the pack. So I would assume this would be a problem at most airports that the pack upgrades and my method would not be practical for all of them. The airport I was referencing in this case is BGGH (I just picked it at random) and after deleting the OBX34090.bgl file everything is looking good (see pic). Is this a correct solution to these types of
  5. Hello, I just installed the Global Airports Pack and the default buildings are overlapping with the new Orbx airport buildings. Here's a screenshot and scenery.cfg file. Thanks. scenery.cfg
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