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  1. Yes, it's the "Configure" button in between the "Store" and "Verify Files" buttons for those who haven't found it. Just installed and looks great.
  2. Just noticed 2 windsocks next to each other, should there be 2? Thanks, Andy.
  3. I've noticed the spikes there as well, they seem to disappear as you get close to them.
  4. Thank you, I now understand the issues, I wasn't aware the moving target problem (but I was aware of the floating lights). I just read the original post regarding the fact that developer had missed it and it was on his To-Do list. Regards, Andy.
  5. Thanks for the reply, the reason I started this thread was to ask if there was an update, due to the response to this thread .... As you have replied 'the problem has not yet been resolved', can I ask if this is something that is still going to be looked at? Thanks.
  6. OK, so I uninstalled Orbx LOWI via Central, I then cleared out my Content.xml. I then fired up MSFS, installed Asobo LOWI through Content Manager and loaded up LOWI to check that the Asobo 08 Papi's were working, and they were. I then uninstalled Asobo LOWI through content manager and shut exited MSFS and cleared the Content.xml again. I then installed Orbx LOWI through Central, and started up MSFS again, checked the Papi's and they still do not work for me. Don't know what else to try. Top screengrab is Asobo LOWI, bottom is Orbx. I'm happy they work for you, but I'm
  7. The default papi's work for me, and they work with both the Orbx and Default scenery installed at the same time, but obviously not ideal.
  8. I've just checked and not working for me, do you have the default LOWI installed as well? I had to go in to content manager after the update to remove a few default airports as they were reinstalled by the update.
  9. Hi Wolfgang, I appreciate that you do not use visual guidance aids, but a lot of us do, if purely to to give an approximate indication. I know PAPI's become less effective as you approach them, but are a good aid to help at the start of the approach. I like to practice the circle to land approach in to 08, as do others, and the PAPI's have been broken in the Orbx scenery since launch. I asked the question as it seems to have been quite some time to fix something that appears to me to be a simple one for a developer, but I may be wrong. Cheers, Andy.
  10. Make sure your UserCfg.opt file is not read only. It will be in this sort of location (replace xxxxx with your user name) ... C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache
  11. Hi, are the PAPI's at LOWI still being looked at, or are you still waiting for an update from Asobo for these to be fixed?
  12. Any news on when the 1.2 fix from DD will be uploaded to Orbx Central please, thanks.
  13. I'm also getting this with the Landmarks installed, OK with the default scenery. Also getting CTD's when trying to spawn at KORD with the Landmarks installed, hopefully these will be fixed soon.
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