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  1. Hi Nick, I've narrowed it down to conflict with Orbx openLC Europe. When I disabled openLC EU, and enabled either or both North and South Germany, the load times are normal (full load sequence is about 2.5 minutes first time) and there are no issues with OOM conditions. The moment I've turned the openLC EU "on" (with either North or South Germany still turned on), I got veeeeeery long load time (I had to kill at at 17% as it wasn't moving for 10 mins, even though CPU was 100% utilization, although 0% for the disk utilization!). So there you go, it is something between openLC EU a
  2. I will give it a try later today or tomorrow, and will reply. I need to figure out how to do that in a "safe and reversible" way
  3. Hi Nick, thank you for the response. First of all, my issue with memory is running out of regular RAM, not VRAM... And the RAM usage stays within normal range until P3D gets to the point of loading Autogen - the regular RAM usage goes from 6GB to 32GB (my max memory) within 20 seconds, and then sim crashes. So there must be ALSO something in the autogen specifications of these Germany scenery packs that causes this behavior. Once I disable North or South Germany (so at that point it is just regular P3D + Orbx openLC Europe in that particular area + the rest of my addons), the lo
  4. I get the sim running just fine in all other areas and settings. I also have DD NYC, Seattle, Miami, etc - no issues there. The issue with Germany South/North seems to be very specific to that particular scenery. Lowering settings on the sim is not an option for me - all other Orbx packages work just fine with my existing settings.
  5. Hi Orbx team, First, thanks for developing such great products - I have most of your products, and truly enjoying them (the install base is over 300GB just for Orbx stuff :). Now, I've recently purchased Germany North and Sound packages (in addition to Global Base, Global Vector, and Global openLC Europe - in the same "region"). Installed, configured, etc. I have latest-n-greatest HW to handle it - i9-10900K, 32GB RAM, M.2 1TB SDD and RTX3080 with 10GB VRAM, and I am running Windows 10Pro and P3D v5.1HF1. The HW and OS and P3Dv5HF1 install are "brand new" - within pas
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