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  1. Haven't tried it with GA, but UAL has regular service to KBUR with A320 equipment and I'm reasonably certain Southwest services KBUR with 737 equipment (among others), so there should be options to park those aircraft at the gates.
  2. I recently purchased KBUR (v. 1.0.1) and while I enjoy the airport, the two times I've flown in after contacting ground I have not been presented with any taxi options on the ATC menu. I would have expected both "taxi to gate" and various "taxi to parking" options. Is this an issue that Orbx is aware of and planning to address, is this an MSFS bug, or am I the only one experiencing this issue? Both times I landed via ILS Y RWY 8 and I was flying the latest development build of the FBW A32NX mod for the Airbus A320. Thanks!
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