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  1. Could I also perhaps impose on the team to possibly add the London Aquatics Center since you already have London Stadium? It's not that it has any special significance, but whoever did the photogrammetry had the astonishing idea of cutting it literally in half, and let's just say it isn't very fetching.
  2. When I interviewed Microsoft's Jorg Neumann a few days ago, they told me they plan to give addon designers early access to patches. Obviously this one didn't work out, but I'm going to hope in two months when Paris comes out, they'll have ironed out the process. What can I say, I'm an optimist
  3. Considering the delays of the update, I feel like Microsoft simply didn't have a final version of London's photogrammetry to give Orbx something to work with until very recently.
  4. Question only partly off topic. I know you guys are prioritizing work on the most urgent thing, of course: Is the London City airport add-on going to get updated with the new taxiway and extended apron that have just been opened? This may also be warranted because the new update "surfaced" the area covered by the new construction anyway, as you can see below. It would be very, very much appreciated
  5. This is a very good question and I'd love to know the answer as well Great, thank you!
  6. Incidentally, now that we've got your attention, London City Airport is almost fine, but could use a tiny bit of attention in the water.
  7. Looking at the update on my screen, let's just say the photogrammetry isn't the most fetching I've seen on top of being fairly badly color matched with the surrounding. My suggestion is simply to update the package with an exclusion under your own landmarks so that they erase the photogrammetry, perhaps removing the bespoke landmarks that have been added by Asobo. Those are good. For those wondering about the value of their London City Pack add-on, don't worry. It still has a ton of value. Honestly, I don't think I'll be able to fly in London until it's reenabled.
  8. Haha yeah I noticed that. Looks like a partnership WAS in the making, just not the one I expected I'm actually curious, since now Orbx has partnered with Cloudsurf, will there be any compatibility between Orbx's Singapore City and theirs?
  9. .... aaand we're done here. Imagine considering this scenery "amateurish" just like the sim, when the other sims in the market have scenery that make this look basically photorealistic.
  10. Hope the Orbx team doesn't mind me mentioning it since it's another dev (but it was already mentioned above even if the date changed, so I hope it's fine). I recently heard from Imaginesim, and they also plan to release WSSS in February. Perfect match Almost feels like a new partnership in the making...
  11. Looks awesome to me. Some may be forgetting to "contemplate" the fact that this is a flight simulator, not a stroll along the Seine simulator.
  12. I'm not sure how "horrible" it feels to me when I pass over the crowd 50 feet above at 130 knots. Those three whole frames of "horrible" aren't that bad IMHO. Repetition in this kind of accessorial elements isn't some sort of laziness. It's for performance.
  13. I'm not sure what was meant with the previous comment about "limitations of the host sim" considering that MSFS has some fantastic bridges. But more importantly, an add-on doesn't necessarily need to focus on bridges. This looks great from what I can see, but it also looks like it'll offer a lot of buildings. A developer needs to keep frame rate in mind and not just beauty. Perhaps they decided to focus on more iconic buildings instead and keep the bridges relatively simple. Otherwise, we find ourselves with stuff that is absolutely beautiful but that drops your frame rate from 50
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