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  1. I think it's a problem with the insertion point. I have downloaded al lot scenery addons like the Helsinki airport and the Finland scenery.
  2. I am sorry, what do you mean ? Do you mean my two other addons "Rex 5 Worldwide Airports HD" and the Orbx freeware airport addon? What should i exactly do with them. Which library are you exactly talking about?
  3. Yes so i am using the global pack and the free Orbx airports addon on . Just to add, this did not happen with all the airports. Europe was fine but Asia, Africa and America has this same problem. I don't know but before installing the Orbx scenery i had "Rex Worldwide airport enhancer", maybe that caused the problem by me adding the Orbx airport pack on to it and maybe that messed up the textures. Thank you very much for helping me out ! I am using P3D v3.2. These are all the addons used in the sim are Orbx global pack, Orbx airport pack ( the freeware), Rex Wo
  4. I just installed the Orbx global scenery for p3d v3 (my pc won't handle any newer verison of p3d). I have no idea of what causes this, but here is a screenshot:
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