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  1. Hello, i use Global Base and OpenLC Europe and EU Germany South but i dont know what Orbx Product can make this Problem
  2. Hey Guys, i flew to Rhodos yesterday , but the Scenery is only in 2D the taxiways, runway and the buildings are missing :-( Can you help me please ? I reinstalled the scenery 3-5 times but still the same. Thanks for your help have a nice day :-)
  3. Hi Hoffie, Also bzw auf was muss ich es in Central 4 stellen das die Scenery geht ? Danke schonmal :-)
  4. Hi no i dont have Vector so i cant unistall it where can i change the insertions points in Central 4 ?
  5. Hi Nick, Thanks for your Answer ! Yes but when i done all the steps my Airport looks like this:
  6. Hi Guys, I have a Question I have Problems with my Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional Scenery since i have bought Orbx Germany South my Frankfurt Scenery is in the Addon Scenery Path but it looks like the default Frankfurt.If i delete the Mega Aiport Frankfurt Path and add it again Frankfurt looks normal but when I restart my P3D i have the same problem again :-( I use P3D V5 not V5.1 and Orbx BASE+ Orbx Germany South and Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional With Orbx Base was everything perfect but now with Germany South i have all these Problems
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