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  1. HI I purchased Traffic Global from Justflight, but after following download and installation procedures I found an icon on my desktop, TrafficGlobal, when I open this as administrator it wont open or start, do you had similar? I run p3dv5.1 windows-10 Pro 64bit'. I uninstalled, re downloaded etc in different locations but nothin helped. Any idea, tips ? thks Achim
  2. Your Orbx order receipt 5fdb7403252c5 I am very disappointed about the quality of TE NL, see below picture is there a setting fault my side or what is wrong I run P3D V5.1
  3. Although I am new with P3D ( was doubting to buy msfs20) I installed Central/Base Vector en airport pack. put them on higher priority. Still feel the scenery., likes shores/trees, landscap looks not really natural. Is there a place where I cvan find more about ideal settings Radeon 5700RT 2TB ms SSD, MSI 165hz wqhd screen Cheers Achim
  4. I installed airport pack but how can I access it I dont see any difference with the default airports I have p3D V5.1 achimvdg@ziggo.nl
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