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  1. Hi, I'm a newcomer to P3D and I was planning to get a few more Orbx add-ons before the sale ends, including a tree replacement. However I can't decide between Trees HD and TerraFlora v2, even after reading so many comments about it. Here's what I understand about the add-ons: Trees HD on its own replaces both autogen tree textures and Orbx's custom FTX tree textures TerraFlora v2 on its own replaces autogen tree textures but not Orbx's custom FTX tree textures When both of them are installed TerraFlora v2 replaces autogen tree textures and Trees
  2. Hi, Thank you for clarifying. I was confused mostly because it said it is "strongly recommended", so I believed it is rather important.
  3. Hi, Orbx openLC's product page still recommends Orbx Vector: "This product requires Orbx Global Base to be installed for correct operation. Orbx strongly recommends Orbx Global Vector to be installed. All featured screenshots depict Orbx Vector as well as TreesHD" This confused me, as Lockheed Martin have already updated the vector data and airports in P3D v5. This made me believe that the recommendation might be outdated. Do you think Orbx Vector is still needed for openLC, even in P3D v5? What benefits does it have? Thanks in advance.
  4. Same, I really would love another sale. And I missed the black friday TFDi 717 sale due to a really weird Orbx Direct glitch (https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/202642-orbxdirect-stops-working-after-attempting-a-purchase-as-a-gift/) - it was eventually fixed but the sale was already over...
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