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  1. Good evening all, I have seen many discussions on the forums, but non help me solve my issue. I can download the UK scenery files, which are all very big. I purchased all 3 back in August and have used them, but now doing a fresh install for X plane 11. The problem I am having is the verify files after in the download is complete. It cannot verify the files. All 3 scenery packages are having the same problem. I have... - Deleted any temp folders - Edited the back up folder and deleted any folders there - Synced x plane 11 - Disabled my norton antivirus
  2. For help with debugging. This is the error I get.. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Good afternoon all, I have purchased all 3 of the UK scenery packages for X Plane 11. I've had them installed on my machine for the past 3 months but doing a full refresh, reinstall of everything. For some reason, I cannot install the scenery. Every time the scenery finishes downloading, it tells me how a number of files where not extracted and I need to verify them. I have followed all the usual procedures mentioned on the forums but still no luck. - Deleted / removed temp and backup files - Turned my antivirus off - Synced sim etc Still, when
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