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  1. Hi, I want to buy both EU Germany North and South. In the description it is said: Prepar3D v5 Note: This product requires updates to be fully compatible with the new simulator. For more information, please see the P3Dv5 Known Issues topic on our forum. What does "This product requires updates" mean. In the know issue topic I can't find real hints, if the sceneries will work or what I have to updateto get them work. Regards Michael
  2. Hi, what is with the libraries, I've already installed. When starting Orbx Central, it doesn't recognize the installed libraries automatically and asks for a new folder. Do I have to reinstall the libraries? Regards Michael
  3. Hi, when I try to start Orbx Central, the starting dialog ops up an says "Connectin...". Then it tries to update Orbx Central an another dialog pops up. I will be asked for my admin password and the cycle starts again and again. I have version 4.1.26 installed! Regards Michael
  4. Congratulations, that seems to solve the problem. Now it looks like that: Thanks a lot for your endless effort. Best regards Michael
  5. Hello, I've read in another thread, that replacing the Global BASE folder with that from an working installation can fix the problem. I'm wondering if it is possible that you can provide a folder from a working installation, trying to fix the problem. Regards Michael
  6. Hello, thanks a lot for your effort. but what are the next steps. If the Orbx scenery doesn't work correctly with P3D I would expect that we can rollback the transaction and I get a refund. Regards Michael
  7. Hello, do I understand you right, that I then put the two files in this folder: Q:\Orbx\Orbx-Bibliothek\p3dv5\Orbx Libraries\Orbx\Scripts\custom.gb_base? Regards Michael
  8. I've found the folder under the following path: Q:\Orbx\Orbx-Bibliothek\p3dv5\Orbx Libraries\Orbx\Scripts\custom.gb_base but not in the Global BASE Pack folder
  9. Hi, there is no such folder custom.gb_base at the given location (I'm usind P3DV5, but that should not be the problem, because the pack was said to be compatible!). These are the only files in the folder Q:\Orbx\Orbx-Bibliothek\p3dv5\Global BASE Pack\Orbx\Scripts. Regards Michael
  10. Should I also restore the original files in the P3D autogen folder, that I have replaced from the post before?
  11. Hi, The Global Base is installed in a separate Orbx Central Library. Does this make any difference? I have never installed any other textures! Regards Michael
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