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  1. Yes, I fixed it. I had to download and install English (U.S.) language pack for Windows 10 and game started to download. I hope you have the same issue and I was able to help.
  2. Smudger, thank you for your help. Microsoft Store shows that MSFS is updated. There’s no option to update the game. I’ve tried to make everything like it’s described in article you linked but nothing worked so far. Gulfstreamtwo, thank you for information. I’m waiting for opportunity to fly over Mt. Fuji myself but now it seems impossible.
  3. Hi, I just bought MSFS 2020 on Microsoft Store yesterday and installed it on my PC. After downloading 1,3 GB of data in Xbox app shows Play button. When I click it game starts to run and when it goes to loading screen (this big snowy mountain) it stops and turning off. I tried a lot of tips from many sites like Winows update , drivers update etc nut nothing works so far. Did enyone had something similar witch his copy of MSFS and found the solution?
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