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  1. Great, thanks. I also found another one that apparently addresses TAPs GPS waypoints and some other stuff necessary for them to be "normal" airports (though TAP apparently at least already surfaced them so you could start there). Thanks for the info. While I get that Orbx wants there to be the thrill of finding the airports, it really should have been left to the user to determine how they wanted to use them - i.e. this stuff should have been in the package, maybe with an option on setup or config in Orbx Central ... Anyway, thanks for the help! Jeff
  2. ... and, never mind, I figured out the issue: the AYPY bush strips aren’t surfaced as “real” strips in BGL’s, so it’s by-design that you can’t just start there. It’s frustrating that this isn’t made clear in the documentation, or that inexplicably your other main PNG product TAP does things wildly differently. Sigh. I see someone on AVSim has supplied BGLs to rectify this, which is great ... though I don’t see something similar for the Emo Mission? Does that have the same “invisible” problem as the AYPY strips?
  3. And FYI, one of the relevant order numbers was 5fb625c66a081 ...
  4. So, I’m using FSX:SE and have Global Base and Vector, in preparation to getting all the PNG products. I then bought and installed AYPY and TAP, along with the freeware Emo Mission and PNG mesh. After getting stuff ordered in the scenery library screen “correctly” (with airports high), I can see all the airstrips that came as part of TAP (e.g. Woitape), but not any of the ones that came with AYPY (e.g. Efogi, Kagi). The two entries are right next to one another in the scenery library list, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Help! I spent a lot of money getting to this point an
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