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  1. Hello, Will the installer (FTX Central) automatically uninstall AU Australia when installing the v2 ?
  2. Sorry if the question has already been asked : does ORBX plan propose to install from FTX Central the new regions on a different disk than P3D, in addition to those already presenting the P3D folder ? Don't answer me that you need to use symbolic links for this, it would avoid many manipulations to many clumsy users. Thank you.
  3. At the moment, I probably won't buy TE products for P3D. I will be satisfied with the future OLC Africa and Asia and the regions to come. I do indeed find that future TE products consume far too much Go. I don't know the United Kingdom well enough and the EU England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are more than enough for me. I bought TE Netherland and after flying a few times over it, I din't go back there very often. Keep developing beautiful regions, that will be enough for my pleasure.
  4. Oops, error in the title: it is indeed an arrival on the 16L. Thank you for your comments.
  5. Hello John, before FSGlobal 2018, I used FSGlobal 2010 (image n°1, -before Vector-). I think that the visual impression is much better with the last add-on from Pilot's. But it is not always obvious because the images are rarely on the same screen. In picture n° 2, the Colorado river is much better seen (Vector).
  6. Same place (FL400) with Vector 1.52 and FSGlobal 2018 :
  7. Migration done ! FTX Central 3 installed, all seems OK, all my purchases are present in the new interface, updates done.
  8. Hello, around KENV Wendover, USA.
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