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  1. This is indeed what happened: by uninstalling the older one, he uninstalled the recent one ! I uninstalled the old one again and reinstalled 4.1.14. Now it is the only one present in the control panel. Thank you for your answer.
  2. Hello, I notice that in the Windows 10 control panel, there are two Orbx Central, one 4.0.39 and another 4.1.14. Can I uninstall 4.0.39 without fear of disturbing the other one? Thank you for your answer. Operating system: w10 Simulator: P3Dv5 HF2 Screenshot: Issue:
  3. suite... Mt Rainier : and arrival CYVR 26L :
  4. Hello, Orbx Southern California.
  5. Hello, I hope I'm right ! Tree Sisters (Oregon), Faith, Hope et Charity, Mt Jefferson Mt Hoodwiderness Mt St Helens to the left, Mt Adams to the right, Mt Rainier in the distance : PMDG Queen of the Skies II, Orbx OpenLC NA, Pacific Northwest.
  6. Hello, Open LC North America.
  7. Hello, The picture I had just posted and which was removed showed Mt Kilimanjaro after the installation of Open LC Africa.
  8. As I said months ago, I'll buy OpenLC Asia the day it becomes available. 2
  9. Found (thanks to Nick Cooper) ! "Please go to Scenery\BASE\Scenery and delete or rename lclookup.bgl. Run Verify files for the Orbx Libraries and try P3D again." Fixed !
  10. Hello, ORBX Global BasePack, Vector, Open North LC America, ORBX Central 4.0.38. All products are up to date. I don't think I've seen these anomalies with FTX Central. The insertion point seems to me correct and I respected the order of the scenery : 3rd Party Scenery (Any scenery above Orbx FTX scenery) FTX Full Regional Scenery & Airports Tongass Fjords FTX OpenLC Scenery Named Default Scenery FSGlobal 2010 Entries FTX Global Vector Entries (OBJ, APT, CVX, EXX) Numbered Default Scenery Entries FTX Global Vector Entry (AEC) Default Scenery Default Terrain Merci pour l'aide. Lat : N 38°3.47' Lon: W111° 17.64' central.log
  11. Thanks Carlosqr, that's exactly what I was looking for !
  12. In ORBX Central, once the products are installed, the only things that appear are : Instructions for use, Check files and uninstall. Where can I fix Something ? Is it only during installation or re-installation that you can fix something? It's really not very clear.
  13. @RotShotgun : The user interface is not displayed with 737, 777 and 787. I don't understand that answer. What else to do ?
  14. Good morning I have transferred and installed Immersion packages for the PMDG 737, 777, 747 and QW 787 and only the installation seems to work for the 747 PMDG. Image 1: PMDG 737 Image 2: PMDG 747 Thank you for looking into this problem. JPM
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