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  1. After installing EU England into P3D V5 and unticking the Heathrow box to allow 'addon compatibility' I have been faced with many missing buildings, primarily Terminals 2 and 3. Strangely enough terminals 5a-c are all there. As well as these terminal buildings some of the surrounding Aerosoft buildings have disappeared. I only have EU England, Vector and Base installed.
  2. first picture shows wrong and overlapping buildings and the second shows the absence of terminals 3 and 2
  3. When I installed FTX EN into P3D and loaded up EGLL I noticed that many of the terminal buildings had overlapping Orbx replacements. I then deleted all files associated with EGLL in the Orbx folders and then found terminals 1 and 3 had disappeared entirely. Not quite sure what has happened here and would appreciate some help.
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