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  1. Excellent video, thanks for posting it here. I flew into icing conditions a few days ago, fortunately managed to descend quickly into warmer air. I have to admit I then spent the next five minutes just watching the ice slowly melt on the windscreen, this effect is so well done... Give me a few more of my favorite West Coast airports by Orbx + at least one A2A plane and I'll never look back, either.
  2. My first impressions are... how do I put it mildly... rather underwhelming. There's still a lot of flickering/pixellation with EA clouds, objects still show through haze/clouds, and so on. I was happy to see that the terrible colors after sunset and before dawn got fixed, but the night lighting is still a mess. I mean, I hate to be negative, but... come on... is that supposed to be "no longer in beta"?
  3. Have you tried unticking "Dynamic Texture Streaming" on the "Display" tab? This feature is supposed to reduce VRAM usage by unloading textures more aggressively -- perhaps it does not work correctly in this scenario. HTH, Tym
  4. Hi Mike, This is a known issue with a number of Orbx airports in P3D v5. Apparently, the way P3D handles ground textures has changed, causing the underlying photoreal texture to show through the high-resolution runway/taxiway texture. It's been reported ad nauseam, but the only airport in which it seems to have been fixed is KTVL. I've decided to wait and see what v5.1 brings in that regard. If the issue persists, the ball will be back in Orbx's court... HTH, Tym
  5. Very nice shots, but... I'd give the $1 Xbox Game Pass beta a try if I were you. With the specs in my signature, I'm getting much better performance in MSFS than in P3D v4/v5, and you can test the new sim for a full month for just one buck... ;-) Regards, Tym
  6. The issue is a weird one, I agree, as the mixture of types of objects displayed differently is rather unpredictable. I've no idea if that's any help, but I've just remembered something I noted a few weeks ago. I use Henrik Nielsen's freeware AI ship traffic add-on (available in the Avsim library), and one of the objects that was affected in an interesting way was the Blue Marlin heavy lift ship carrying the Polar Pioneer (the model is AI_Blue_Marlin_Polar_Pioneer). The weird thing was that the combo uses a single MDL file, but the heavy lift ship was affected and the ship it carrie
  7. Actually, LM's Rob McCarthy has already confirmed here that they are aware of the sorting issues and are working towards a fix. This is clearly an issue introduced in HF2 in an attempt to overcome other ordering issues which cause numerous artifacts in EA mode. From my experience, none of the issues present in RTM/HF1 have been solved (I'm still getting a lot of pixelation artifacts on the aircraft and terrain in low visibility, as shown below), and there are new artifacts like the one mentioned here. Plus, the issue with tree outlines against clouds which got fixed in EA mode in R
  8. I was referring to the difference in how textures are displayed in V4 and V5 as shown in the screenshots earlier in this thread, see this post.
  9. This is the latest feature offered by LM's "early-alpha-advertised-as-beta" implementation of the Enhanced Atmospherics / TrueSky option... ;-) /sarcasm off Unfortunately, that's a new bug introduced by HF2, this happens in a lot of places and only affects some objects... Essentially, the objects show through the volumetric fog, so the closer you get to them, the more they "blend in" with the surrounding scenery as the fog/haze gets thinner. It has been reported in the LM forums, but so far, there's been no response from the team.
  10. Does that include the texture transparency issue? No change in that respect at my end, unfortunately...
  11. Are you absolutely sure you're getting outdated frequencies with P3D version 5? I've seen a lot of updates to the default navdata, so (at least theoretically) third-party nav data should not be needed... Can you post details of some of the airports that remain incorrect in v5?
  12. The GPU may be a bottleneck in some scenarios, but I recently tried XP11 and TE GB South on my new "work/light gaming" laptop with a mobile 1650 and was very pleasantly surprised with how well it ran. Certainly above expectations. If you can live with lower antialiasing settings, absolutely give it a try. The GB demo gives a nice overview of performance, especially in the denser urban areas.
  13. I've also noticed it at 11S, 0S9, KORS, 1S2 and 3W5. Things seem fine at S43, though. Perhaps different techniques were used to overlay the runways/taxiways at different airports, so it'd be great if Jarrad could chime in on that from a technical perspective. Here's an example from 1S2. It doesn't look too bad in terms of resolution, but you can clearly see the shape of an airplane from the underlying photoreal background showing through the apron texture:
  14. It's a (more or less) known issue with P3D v5, reported in other threads. Essentially, v5 makes runway/taxiway polygons more transparent that v4 and earlier versions, so the underlying lower-res ground polygon shows through the higher-res runway/taxiway textures. When you look at the taxiway lines/markings, you can see that they are there, but hardly visible due to the transparency issue. Let's see if the highly-anticipated hotfix 2 for v5 helps. If it does not, then I suppose we'll need to ask Orbx devs to revisit the issue...
  15. The file isn't present in my v4 installation, either. Are you sure it's needed? Has it been reported as missing in an error log? The base file (Aurora_lib_buildings_industrial_01.dds) only contains some structural parts which may simply not require a light map (the files with an LM suffix are light maps that add lit windows, etc. to the base texture at night).
  16. Looking good now! The "Sync" option is actually very clever and has helped me resolve many of my silly user scre... I mean user errors... As for the layering, that's a weird one, but the manual move works, so all is fine here as well. BTW, big thanks to Nick for his patience (and a little apology for my impatience before...). The transition to P3D v5 has generally proven to be a bit less smooth that we'd all expected, so a lot of small niggles are bound to surface. Regards, Tym
  17. This is actually a weird issue that started happening for me when the move to the "add-on.xml method" was made. Are your add-ons installed in a library or in the sim directory? When using a library, the only way to make the sheds/caravans disappear is to move WA56 manually above all other Orbx entries in the scenery library. It applies to both v4 and v5. BTW, I've just noticed the same issue in Dario's post in the screenshot thread, see the first one...
  18. I thought I'd just give it a gentle bump ;-) Any news on the ground poly issue?
  19. Hi Nick, Thanks for taking the time to get these shots, now I see why you focused on detail1.bmp in this case. It appears there may have been some transparency / bleed-through in both FSX and past P3D versions, just not as pronounced as in v5, which is why it went largely unnoticed. This may well be the case with 11S, too, but let's wait and see what Misha comes up with, perhaps it's an easy fix... Cheers, Tym
  20. Nope, not any longer, but I flew extensively from 11S and the issue was not there. As for Welshpool, here's an example of a flight in FSX which shows that none of the bleed-through seen in P3D v5 occurred in that version:
  21. I'm afraid we're running in circles here, but... no, it should not. The problem is that with correct layering/blending, the runway polygon should completely obscure the underlying ortho AND the detail1.bmp that is applied to it. P3D v5 has changed that (as confirmed by Larry R.), which is the reason why the ortho and detail1.bmp show through. Once again, this should not happen and in fact (as shown by various pre-v5 shots) did not happen in FSX and in P3D up to and including v4.5. EDIT: Some old AU airports and the freeware KHQM did not use separate polygons (I think KH
  22. I don't think it has, though... Larry has clearly confirmed that the manner in which ground polygons are blended into terrain has changed in v5, so let's see what Misha says.
  23. I don't have that particular airport, but I suspect this can be related to the issue reported in the 11S thread. See my post here. Is it possible that the polygons are there, but more transparent than in v4? If that's the case, we'll need to wait and see what Mischa comes up with -- perhaps this is an easy fix that can be applied to the other affected airports.
  24. Beautiful natural colours and contrasts, love the entire set! V4.5?
  25. OK, I've managed to get some more shots and it looks like there's something weird going on... It looks as if the runway poly is present, but v5 makes it much more transparent, allowing the underlying lower-res ortho to show through... Here's the first example: V4 V5 Here's another angle that shows the same issue in the middle of the runway rather than at the edges... V4 V5 Whatever the cause, it makes the runways appear much lower-resolution than they actually are. At any rate, it's clear that Objec
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