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  1. Thanks, I was afraid that was the case. Well, I hope LM keep improving the engine and make it possible at some point... Best regards, Tym
  2. Hi, First, I'd like to thank Sascha for the above explanations as that is something I've also been meaning to ask about. One more question I have is about the roads. I understand that the vector road functionality in P3D is way behind what's available in XP, so there's no chance of multi-level crossings, etc., but the question is: is there any workable alternative to having just the photoreal background without any vector road overlay? Cheers, Tym
  3. Thanks for the clarification, Ed, I'll use the 'old school' method then... Cheers, Tym
  4. Yep, that fixed it, thanks! I can see the installer now correctly disables the correct files for EGHA to remove the (in)famous ditch under the apron, too. BTW, I've tried installing EGTH, but I get "This product cannot be installed into a library". Should I create a separate thread for that? Cheers, Tym
  5. Excellent news, thanks Nick and Sascha! Tym
  6. Hi, First, I'd like to say that TE GBS v2 has delivered a staggering improvement in frame rates and overall smoothness, so big thanks for that. One thing I've noticed, though, is that there's still an issue with autogen suppression in Brighton with the payware EGKA installed. It does not occur with just TE GBS (no EGKA) or with the landclass FTX England region and EGKA. See the screenshot for reference: Thanks in advance for looking into this Tym
  7. Hi Kevin, I know these are used by aircraft add-on makers for improved cockpit lighting, windshield rain effects, etc. I also remember JV mentioning that Milviz products were going to be sold through Orbx Central, so I suppose these components have been made available in preparation for that. HTH, Tym
  8. Hi John, There's scarce info on the TEGB for P3D update, so sorry for hijacking the thread, but... Do you know if the V2 is also going to include compatibility fixes for the existing payware airports? There are some unresolved issues, especially with EGHA (a ditch that doesn't get resolved using the old way, i.e. by removing the elevation file) and EGKA/EGTH (problems with exclusions that cause some underlying region buildings to either display above or be suppressed by the buildings included in the airport add-ons)... Regards, Tym
  9. Thanks John, that's great news. Do you know if the changes to the buildings will also alleviate the huge performance hit caused by building shadows compared to non-TE regions?
  10. Well, you're much more likely to get your home represented in the sim than I am, that's for sure... Maybe the next MS product will help in that respect, but I'm not on the "MSFS will be the Holy Grail of flight simming" bandwagon, not yet at any rate. I'm cautiously optimistic about that one, but that's still a long wait...
  11. I see... It's just one of those things, then... I know the feeling, I've been trying hard to like XP, but there's always something. I still keep it installed for some casual flying in the UK, though, I just LOVE the Orbx autogen/custom objects in that scenery.
  12. Hi Jack, I'm not sure how relevant it is in your case, but how much RAM have you got? I only have TE GBS for XP, but I've noticed that it chews through RAM like crazy. I was getting random CTDs until I started monitoring memory usage (unlike P3D, XP gives you no warning whatsoever when it runs out of physical memory). It turned out 16 GB simply wasn't enough, so I had to upgrade... HTH, Tym
  13. Ooops, looks like I've contracted a case of acronymitis... That's short for "as far as I know"... I'm pretty sure I had to disable my default "trafficAircraft.bgl" (found in Prepar3D v4\Scenery\World\scenery\) manually, so I believe the AI Traffic configurator leaves the file alone. Even if it doesn't, it just renames the file by adding an ".off" extension, so you can bring the default traffic back by removing that extension.
  14. I'm not sure about the AU pack, but with the NA pack, the old version of the control panel provided an option to toggle the default AI traffic on/off. Now, the option is gone, but AFAIK it just leaves the default traffic alone (i.e. keeps it enabled). In any case, it's a matter of renaming a single file to bring the default traffic back. HTH, Tym
  15. OK, then I fully agree it might not be worth the hassle (at least until the download situation resolves itself). I thought you were giving up on even trying the add-on...
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