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  1. Great repaint! Love the second (camouflage in action) shot
  2. Working for me now. Interestingly, I was able to reach the site at around 14:00 UTC using my mobile without issues, but had to reboot my router at home. Looks like it was part of a more widespread issue...
  3. BTW, there's one question I've been meaning to ask: do the POIs for the region include visual objects for the major navaids, such as VOR stations? Tym
  4. Get well soon! I hope you're back on your feet in no time, but don't rush it and let them take good care of you. All the best, Tym
  5. Very nice shots! I have to admit I failed to resist the Orbx/X-Plane deal, too... I had tinkered with the demo in the past, but the default scenery and overall atmosphere/color palette (i.e. the (in)famous 'khaki' effect) always put me off. Now, with Orbx and Xvision in the mix, it's an entirely different experience. As far as Xvision is concerned, I'd say go for it, and I'm looking forward to your new presets I've started with Renault's "Natural Colour" preset and it works very nicely (Yuri's presets included with Xv are a bit too 'contrasty' for my taste, but they do look spectacular). There are also a number of shadow tweaks that can be added using the "FlyWithLua" plugin (a must-have for any serious tinkering ). If you put them in a *.LUA file, they get loaded on every launch. set("sim/private/controls/fbo/shadow_cam_size", 9182.0) <--- this one gets you nice crisp shadows in the VC set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/adhoc/extra_far", 3.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/bias_const", 0.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/bias_slope", 10.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/cockpit_near_adjust", 3.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/csm/far_limit", 8000.0 ) <--- this extends the range of object shadows, you can increase it far more if you have a powerful GPU set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/csm_split_exterior", 4.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/csm_split_interior", 4.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/extra_near", 1.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/overlap_ratio", 0.001000 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/total_fade_ratio", 0.000999 ) set("sim/private/controls/skyc/max_shadow_angle",-89) <--- this (together with the next one) gives nice VC lighting at sunrise/sunset, by default X-Plane switches to ugly, uniform orange cockpit lighting when the sun is low set("sim/private/controls/skyc/min_shadow_angle",-90) Oh, and do get the TE GBS demo. The difference in autogen compared to P3D is staggering... The roads, junctions, overpasses, terraced houses, trains etc. are just in another league. I'm still to be convinced how well XP handles vast mountain/forest landscapes due to some shadow issues, so I'm definitely keeping P3D for my North America flying, but for UK-type landscapes XP with Orbx TE is a match made in heaven... Tym
  6. Thanks Mark, that sounds very reassuring. Your settings are actually quite high, so it looks like both the sim and the scenery are really nicely optimised. I guess I know what I'll be doing tonight, although I was originally planning to wait for TE GBS 1.1 and give P3D its last chance... Of course, I'm keeping P3D for landclass regions, but when it comes to orthophoto scenery, XP seems to be in a different league altogether... Oh, and BTW, I know you shared some of your PTA presets. Is your XVision profile available somewhere, too? Cheers, Tym
  7. That's an absolutely stunning set, the colours and atmospherics are mind-blowing... If I may ask... Are the hardware specs in your signature up to date, and if so, what kind of performance are you getting at these settings? I've stuck with P3D as my only sim due to limited time, but my resistance is waning... I've put off any upgrades until I have more free time for simming, so I'm currently running a 1060 6GB and i7 4790K... I wonder if that would give me acceptable performance at 1920x1200 with visuals like yours. Cheers, Tym
  8. I really hope so... While I can achieve acceptable performance (with some compromises, of course) by using reasonable settings, there's really nothing I can do about the loading times. Absolutely, but part of the reason for that was the fact that XP is better suited to this kind of scenery. I'm sure the team are working hard on the optimizations, but there are limits to what can be achieved, especially in terms of autogen. At the same time, it is entirely possible that JV's next preview post will put all my concerns to rest, so I remain (cautiously) optimistic. I agree that this (plus the general excitement for the 'new' platform) may result in a slightly skewed perception. After all, only the Orbx team know the actual figures on TE sales for P3D and XP... I guess we'll have to wait and see what TE GB SP1 brings. I was hoping the P3D announcement would come on Monday along with the XP previews, but it looks like we need to be patient for a few more days...
  9. I may be completely wrong, but I also suspect Orbx are in a bit of an awkward position with the True Earth product line for P3D. While they’ve been very committed to the platform, it is now apparent that P3D – at least in its current form – simply isn’t up to the task (and I’m saying that as a P3D-only user). Unlike XP, which is built to work with ortho and has a very advanced autogen engine, P3D can only display very simple AG, and thus requires a huge number of custom objects to work around these limitations. When you combine that with the object library lookup bug that causes unacceptable load times, and the generally inefficient texture loading, well... you get the picture. A quick look at the screenshot subforum can be very telling as to the popularity of the P3D version vs XP. Of course, the above is pure conjecture on my part, but that’s the kind of vibe I’m getting.
  10. And is there any downside to NOT having FTX EU EN installed underneath TE?
  11. Wow, Iain, you've got the 'max realism' settings dialled in just perfectly... Can't wait for the P3D version...
  12. Hi Stew, There's a nice map on the Orbx site that shows the location of the various airports -- see here. S45 is a nice place if you choose the coastal route, 77S is one of my favorites as well. Plus, there are quite a few airports in the Portland area, including the latest KVUO. HTH, Tym
  13. From my limited testing, something definitely changed with respect to sun diffuse lighting in v4.4. In previous versions, the sun diffuse tweak in PTA had no effect in full sunlight (as confirmed by Yuri in an e-mail conversation) and gradually kicked in towards twilight. This was actually a good thing, because P3D tends to darken the terrain excessively when the sun is low but still above the horizon. Therefore, I was able to use high values (even as high as 2.75) to lighten the terrain and objects in the early morning / late afternoon without having washed-out textures at midday. Now, however, the value is applied uniformly throughout the day, so until a solution is found, you need to keep it close to 1.0. I’ve tried experimenting with expressions containing “cb_mSun.mDiffuse.g” or “cb_mDayNightInterpolant”, but got nowhere, so it's possible some more fundamental changes have been made...
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