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  1. Thanks John, that's great news. Do you know if the changes to the buildings will also alleviate the huge performance hit caused by building shadows compared to non-TE regions?
  2. Well, you're much more likely to get your home represented in the sim than I am, that's for sure... Maybe the next MS product will help in that respect, but I'm not on the "MSFS will be the Holy Grail of flight simming" bandwagon, not yet at any rate. I'm cautiously optimistic about that one, but that's still a long wait...
  3. I see... It's just one of those things, then... I know the feeling, I've been trying hard to like XP, but there's always something. I still keep it installed for some casual flying in the UK, though, I just LOVE the Orbx autogen/custom objects in that scenery.
  4. Hi Jack, I'm not sure how relevant it is in your case, but how much RAM have you got? I only have TE GBS for XP, but I've noticed that it chews through RAM like crazy. I was getting random CTDs until I started monitoring memory usage (unlike P3D, XP gives you no warning whatsoever when it runs out of physical memory). It turned out 16 GB simply wasn't enough, so I had to upgrade... HTH, Tym
  5. OK, then I fully agree it might not be worth the hassle (at least until the download situation resolves itself). I thought you were giving up on even trying the add-on...
  6. Which site were you downloading from? The download from fligtsimnorway.com was blazing fast, no issues at all. And BTW, it absolutely is worth the hassle IMHO...
  7. Thanks, this add-on is a must-have for flying in the Orbx coastal areas, I downloaded the update the second I saw it was available It really brings the seaside areas to life, especially in such scenic places like San Juan Islands or Puget Sound. HUGE thanks for your work on this! Absolutely, and the manual contains the information needed to add it using the new "add-on.xml" method. Cheers, Tym
  8. This is JV's post from a few days ago -- looks like it's coming rather soon
  9. To me, the sharpened ZL16 version looks like a big step back in terms of quality. It might actually be acceptable in the urban areas, but if you look at the first scene, the sharpening completely ruins the blending of terrain and autogen, especially vegetation. Please, please stick to ZL17, or at least offer it as an option...
  10. Thanks Scott, that's reassuring. Looking forward to the release! I'm getting huge performance issues with building shadows in TE GBS, which is why the mention of "custom" autogen objects got me a bit worried... Cheers, Tym
  11. Hi, This is not really a support request but rather a request for technical explanation, so I hope it's OK to post it in this forum... When trying to troubleshoot my performance issues with TE GB South, I noticed that the biggest problem (apart from the huge CPU load caused by scenery loading in comparison to XP) is the performance hit associated with building shadows. Is there an underlying technical difference that causes the custom autogen used in TE to require much more GPU power? While my GTX 1070 Ti might not be the latest and greatest, it generally has no issues with shadows in landclass regions, even at maximum building autogen settings. In TE GBS, however, disabling autogen building shadows is pretty much necessary. I did some comparisons at 30 FPS locked, and the weird thing is that my GPU utilization with building shadows enabled and extreme autogen density is typically less than 70% even in the middle of Portland or SF (as long as the CPU can keep the 30 FPS). However, it often stays pegged at 100% in England with no major cities in view, making it impossible to even reach 30 FPS. I also wonder what other users' experience has been in that respect... Tym
  12. Hi Scott, Since you've mentioned that TE GBS uses custom autogen buildings, do you know if the testing has shown any differences between stock autogen and the custom buildings included in Buildings HD in terms of shadow rendering performance? One thing I've noticed is that the custom autogen included in TE causes a huge performance hit when building shadows are enabled... Tym
  13. Great repaint! Love the second (camouflage in action) shot
  14. Working for me now. Interestingly, I was able to reach the site at around 14:00 UTC using my mobile without issues, but had to reboot my router at home. Looks like it was part of a more widespread issue...
  15. BTW, there's one question I've been meaning to ask: do the POIs for the region include visual objects for the major navaids, such as VOR stations? Tym
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