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  1. By the way, "Check disk space before installing" was on by default, so I don't know why it let me install, nor why it didn't fail gracefully when it ran out of drive space. This is typically something that an installer manages.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Jon! It was indeed a drive space issue. Although I never received a space-related message from the installer (and it appeared to have finished successfully), I noticed that the free space on my system drive was 10MB (and other programs started to complain about it.) Selecting uninstall in Orbx Central didn't seem to help (nor even free up space). Here's what I eventually did: Delete Orbx from my system: * Delete the Orbx Central app from my Mac by moving it to the trash from the Applicatons folder. * Delete the Orbx-related folder (that is, the one with "Orbx
  3. Additional info: I've added my transaction ID to my profile. Uninstalling Southern California didn't fix the issue. Nor did reinstalling.
  4. Macbook Pro 2019 / Catalina X-Plane 11.50r3 (build 115033 64-bit, Metal) Has PilotEdge plugin Everything was working fine. Installed Orbx Southern California last night Now when I try to start a flight at a southern California airport (eg, BUR or LAX), I get the message, "Error, could not locate image file for terrain." (See attached screenshot.) After I acknowledge the message, X-Plane quits. For at least one southern California airport (L52), X-Plane simply quits unexpectedly without a message. It appears that airports outside southern California (eg MSN) load p
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