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  1. Hi Nick, I did run FS2020 again and looked for the UserCfg.opt and did find it. Also the allocation to FS2020 is correct in this file. After rerun Orbx Central everything went fine this time, FS2020 was shown up in the menu. A miracle or your magic touch? ha,ha. Anyhow, The airport Graz is installed now. Thank you very much for your intervenience. Best regards, Frans Close
  2. Hi Nick, unfortunately this doesn't work. Deleted and uninstalled everything you suggested above and reinstalled Orbx central but still no FS2020 in the menu. It seems that Orbx Central can't find FS2020 anymore. By the way, I already did this several times before I wrote in this forum. Also without succes. Perhabs somebody on Orbx should investigate in the programm Orbx Central why FS2020 can't be found anymore. As I see that also other customers have this problem it is hard to believe that the solution should be found on customers PC's. To my opinion the issue should be found in y
  3. Hi, I have the same problem, Orbx central can't find FS2020 on my PC (Windows10). I purchased London City some time ago for FS2020 and it was installed without any problem, the same for the London City pack. Yesterday I bought the Graz airport for FS2020, installed Orbx central and tried to run it. Unfortunately FS2020 couldn't be found. Exact the same as above where FS2020 is not shown in the scrolldown menu. Ofcourse I deinstalled Orbx Central and removed all stuff from Orbx from my PC, cleaned the bin, and restarted my PC. Reinstalled Orbx central end got the same problem couldn't choose fo
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