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  1. I solved this updating the Vector and Global. I didn’t notice that I had bought an old version, but now it’s solved thanks for answer anyway
  2. Hi everyone, I'm here cause I'm having some problems. I just install the Global Base & Global Vector, and after testing the textures I'm having some problems with the ground texture. There's some screenshot of the problem. Hope you can help me. It was in SKBO, but in all airports the runway looks like this You can see water and beach over rwy
  3. Thank u so mucho for sharing those screenshots!
  4. Thank u so much for share those screenshots!
  5. Oh thank u so much! later I’ll post a screenshot of how my terrain textures looks like, cause i think I did something wrong
  6. Hey everyone! I just install the Global Base pack and I want to know how it’s should looks like, because I’m looking the terrain textures and I see that there are a lot of textures repeated, for example in Cali-Colombia (SKCL). Can u show me how the terrain textures around this airport looks like? Pdst: I have FSX-SE
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