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  1. Well, I hope you got a chuckle out of my flying, anyway.
  2. Here we go. Where there are two videos of the same aircraft, they're the same flight. I'm just hovering over the surface and not coming into contact with it. I don't have any 'failures' set up, and I've never seen this behaviour at any other helipad, lighthouse, airfield. First, Schweizer 300, inside view: https://youtu.be/TZeM0GdhEDU Outside view: https://youtu.be/X2vqEzHbTFM Then MD500 (only have outside view of this): https://youtu.be/6Rpzs9xuLCA Cicare, outside view: https://youtu.be/EfdXUsQV5mA Cicare, inside view: htt
  3. I am - a 1070. I'm using VR too, if that makes any difference. I'm going to have a play today to see whether I can capture a flight that ends in disaster - if I don't manage to pause the sim before resets back to the take-off I can't replay it. Does the NVIDIA card have its own recording facility?
  4. And yet there it is - I have observed exactly what happens multiple times by replaying the flight from an external view; as the heli approaches the surface of the helipad - without ever making contact with it - the tail rotor stops dead. You can see it go from spinning to stationary instantaneously. The heli immediately starts spinning and that's it, flight over. This afternoon I did a flight from St Just out to Longships and landed on the 'roof' there, down to Wolf Rock, landed there, and then out to Bishop' Rock. Coming in S to N, about 5' over the surface - tail rotor stops dead. If I had a
  5. "No, that will not work." - You're right; it didn't (I tried both) "make sure your TE GB South is up to date, its Airport folder is above the Global Airports and its Custom folder below that in the .ini." - Check, check, check; all of those things are true (see below), but sadly still not working properly. SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_A_GB_South_TrueEarth_Airports/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Global Airports/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/KSEA Demo Area/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/LOWI Demo Area/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/X-Plane Landmarks - Chicago/ SCENERY_PAC
  6. @mauricecohenSo does this mean I can delete one of the doppelgangers and all will be well? Which to delete, and which files? Thanks
  7. Apologies, we are confusing the issue a bit! Sentry11 has pointed out that EGBR - Bishop's Rock, which is the subject of my other thread, seems to have two sets of data associated with it, which might possibly explain the collision problem. This thread was started about EGLH - Needles lighthouse which only appears when the 'World Objects' setting is at least 'High' (unlike, say, Bishop's Rock). This seems like it should be fixable. I have actually tried 'High' on my system in VR and it will just about hold its own, but 'd prefer to drop it a notch for better FPS.
  8. That's very interesting. I wonder if that's behind the issue?
  9. Scratch that about the Schweizer - after a few approaches in different directions it did indeed 'crash'. I caught it mid-air before it hit the sea so I was able to rewind it and look from outside - it just started spinning a foot or so above the surface.
  10. It may be that your skills are better than you think! Until I looked at the outside video, I was half-convinced that I was hitting the structure somehow. It's a bit difficult to pin down exactly what's going on - I'm fairly sure I can land the Schweizer without any problems, every time, from any direction. The others might sometimes land OK but then 'crash' on takeoff, or just crash on approach. Maybe there's some interaction between how X-Plane determines the physical extent of the heli model and the structure of the lighthouse. It could just be that the Schweizer is smaller, so it misses wha
  11. Ah, damn - I searched using Google but not the forum's own search function! I do indeed have the 'World Objects' slider set below 'High' in order to get the FPS out of my old computer that I need for VR. I tried increasing the setting in non-VR, and there it is! I was interested to read that the settings for this particular airport require this setting because the underlying object's 'Show with' property is set to '6 Totally Insanse', unlike most other things. I have some experience making airports in WED so I would happily edit it to reduce that, or even the .xml file's 'show_leve
  12. I wonder whether there's something wrong with my scenery-packs.ini file - or something else. The Needles are just flat islands, and there's no Needles lighthouse. I previously downloaded the demo area, and the lighthouse was there - I remember because I landed on it! Have I not got Orb-X GB South installed correctly? Edit to add - this is my .ini file. There's a few airports/fields that I've created at the top - perhaps that's upsetting something? scenery_packs.ini
  13. Nothing? No one else? I've discovered how to replay flights that have gone wrong and observed from the outside - as I come to a hover over the helipad, without even touching the surface, the tail rotor just suddenly loses all thrust and the heli starts spinning out of control. Most annoying.
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