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  1. Hello.I totally agree with you Jumtri Jumtri, I was planning to get LFKX Meribel but I gave it up !!!
  2. Hello.Test performed with a very simple custom scenery and stutters still exist only on landing, approach and final but not takeoff. scenery_packs.ini
  3. HelloIndeed Orbx LFLJ is a beautiful achievement unfortunately it shows the original roads of XP on the photo area + 45 + 006 created by Ortho4XP and it is a horror.I created the zone + 35-121 and installed L52 and the XP routes do not appear there.So there is a problem with LFLJ and the other aerodromes are compatible with Ortho4XP.
  4. Hello.Still no news from the designers of the scene.Perhaps I am poorly expressedThe first two pictures were taken with the LFLJ scene not activated.The third with the LFLJ scene enabled.The fourth with LFLJ A enabled and B disabled.When B is deactivated the ground is identical to the first two photos but the aerodrome resembles photo 4.Why not have the opportunity to make the roads transparent, as for TrueEarth Great Britain and Washington?
  5. HelloI only use XP11 in France with the Photo Zones I built with Ortho4XP 1.30 to eliminate the XP routes that do not suit me. Since the installation of LFLJ all the roads of XP on the zone + 45 + 006 reappear, how to remove them?scenery_packs.iniI can not make them appear by disabling Orbx_B_ LFLJ_Courchevel_Mesh but it disrupts the positions of the buildings of the airport.
  6. HelloSame problem for me, only in the final.I will try what you recommend and I will keep you informed.
  7. Hello. I installed Courchevel on photo scenes built with Ortho4XP for not having the roads of XPlane which do not suit me, unfortunately with declared Courchevel, the roads appear as well as the constructions on all the zone + 45 + 006, how to proceed for do not appear? I am taking a solution !!!
  8. Hello. Received the e-mail today the 15 hours hours of France. 1st download in 360ko / 1go corrupt file. 2nd try(essay) 17ko / abandoned(given up) too long. 3rd try(essay) idem. I am disappointed because it is not the first time when it occurs golds of download pré--pay. I indeed want to help you by subscribing to the pré--pay but from your part it is necessary to make efforts to improve download. Friendly. Daniel.
  9. Enfin téléchargé et installé. Merci à l'équipe de la FSS pour le lien. Merci à l'ORBX équipe pour ce magnifique travail.
  10. After 4 attempts in 22ko yesterday, I abandoned(gave up). FSS sent me a new link, Began the download this morning at 8 am in 200Ko, at 12:30 am I am 83Ko and 1,07 Go of downloaded stays in me 11 hour, I do not know if I would be also patient, I am very disappointed, the next time I would choose the DVD, Excuse my Englishman but it is a translation. Daniel,
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