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  1. Hi How do I update Rex Weather Force via Orbx ? I downloaded the latest patch file trough teh program, but I'm not able to install it because I dont have a license number... This is silly... Someboy that know how to fix this? Will Orbx supply the update?
  2. I understand that there also can be problems with the Simulator that is causing this, and the Presets were not that Expencive.... Still, I'm not all to impressed by this, and would maybe think twice before ordering another SoFly product in the future. At the end of the day, I payed for a product that doesn't deliver what it promised. Yes, the presets looks great, but that doesn't help a lot when I'm not able to use most of the presets. Have you guys tested some of these presets In for example the CJ4, and compared the results with the video link I posted? And why can't you give any
  3. Hi Again. Take a look of this Video (Youtube link). This is some of the worst buggy presets with one of my favorite planes the Cessna CJ4. I don't know if you guys got the same problems as me, but this is basically useless for flying. And to ble clear, I'm not manipulating any inputs (other then just trying to get the plane in the air) when recording this video. But if I want the presets to work, I have to start with a defult MSFS preset, and then change to a SoFly weather Preset when I'm in cruise altitude (that doesn't feel much natural). I also only have been testing these sett
  4. And in the Artic Chill Preset the giant hand shaking make noe sense at all, I'll try to re install the presets, because sadly I Just can enjoy a few of them. It's hard to show with a 3 sec clip tho. I'll try to upload some examples to youtube and link the wideo in this forum
  5. Hi again Sofly. The worst setting for me is the "Artic Chill" and the Snow Storm (Yes I know it's a storm, but the airframe movement Just make No sense at all, Just take this clip and multiply It by 20.. Thats how bad It is) . Specificly in the Cj4 and the Longitude. It is 20 times worse then in this clip. It's like a giant hand is shaking the plane from side to side, and I die after about a Minute from "overstressing" the Airframe.
  6. An It happens with all the pre sets after take off. I got the latest version of the sim, and Windows is up to date (after system update, and clean install of Windows Just a few days ago)
  7. Had to shorten the video file a bit, but this is a problem in the Cj4, and King Air in my sim, when using weather presets from Sofly. It dissapears if i change to default sim pre sets HwVideoEditor_2020_10_12_104026.mp4
  8. Hi When using the Sofly Weather Preset pro my plane (CJ4 and others) start to make really strange movements from side to side during takeoff. I don't think this is turbulence, It seems more like a bug. I got a video showing this. Where to post It? Reciept number 5f821e6c8e344
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