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  1. I have done a complete reinstallation of Orbx products (BASE, VECTOR, TREES, BUILDINGS and ORBXLIB) and deleted all other scenarii, to be sure that they are located in the appropraite place and order. Still te same missing roads system... no roads, highways or anything else. They are coming back if i unchek ORBX!VECTOR_EXX in my library (see the difference on screenshot below for KATL area And this is teh result after installing openLC North America Scenery.cfg
  2. Hi, I have exactly the same problem after installing openLC North America. No roads or highways anymore. I have noticed that it works if I deactivate ORBX!VECTOR_EXX in my P3Dv4.5 library OlivierScenery.cfg
  3. Thanks Richard, I will contact Pilots, as it could be an installer issue (I never had any other issueswith all other orbx products). After a lot of attemps, I reached yesterday to finish the installation. But nothing has been installed in my P3D scenery library. - Is it normal, as I have understood that everything is installed automatically? - I will do it, and will add the 5 files (FTX_VECTOR_AEC, FTX_VECTOR_APT, FTX_VECTOR_CVX, FTX_VECTOR_EXX, FTX_VECTOR_OBJ). In which order? - As I have FTX Global and FTX Global openLC Europe installed, what priority in the library do I have to give to FTX Vector? Thanks for your support, and more than that to your fantastic products... crx0203
  4. Thanks for your answer, as I'm still flying without Vector. I have followed your requirements and have added my order number in my signature. Waiting for your support
  5. EGE001, Thanks a lo for your answer. I have completly desintalled Prepare3D (and all FS Addons). After P3D installation, I have installed Global Basepack, and then Global Vector V2 (without success). But installing V1 after was OK. I have 678 GB free, so it is not a question of space. Any other idea? Thanks
  6. Hi, I have purchased v1, and enjoyed it without any issue. When v1.10 has been released, I downloaded it and launched the installer, but installation never finished. It properly delete the v1 files, create folder FTX_VECTOR_AEC, FTX_VECTOR_APT and FTX_VECTOR_CVX. But the installer stops when installing roads, waterlines or waterbodies (The max I reached was 8419 I think). So I was not able to achieve the end of the installation process, and each time had to reboot my PC, as everything was frozen. I reinstalled Prepare3D, as well as FTX Global, and try probably 10 times to install FTX Vector v2 without any success. I already have installed other orbx scenery in the past (Ireland, UK, Global, Australia and Vector v1) without any issues. I am using P3D v2 I didn't see any post concerning this subject on this forum. Thanks in advance for any support.
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