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  1. V5 texture are no where near Orbx. I think you will install LC as am doing now.
  2. Is it ok to fly will using central to download? The trueearth files are very very slow today. Thanks.
  3. Nice shots Jack. I bought it because of your pics. What weather app do you use?
  4. Yes it is a greta vid..am going to learn to fly a helo like you.
  5. Theres a forum on avsim for LNM. The dev is always there.
  6. I can't stop laughing. That last picture was not expected.
  7. If the lady says well done so it is. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Nice! Love the shots from the cockpit...
  9. Alaska clouds are big.. nice shots.
  10. Glad you back Sniper! Thanks for all you have done . I read here a lot and I knew last summer Sniper31 was missing. Welcome back to the sim world.
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