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  1. If the lady says well done so it is. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Nice! Love the shots from the cockpit...
  3. Alaska clouds are big.. nice shots.
  4. Glad you back Sniper! Thanks for all you have done . I read here a lot and I knew last summer Sniper31 was missing. Welcome back to the sim world.
  5. John did you give PF3 the correct altitudes.I thought you would have master PF3 by now.
  6. Haaaaaaa. And I saw a cheap $17 2009 on Ebay an I order it. Thinking I stop simming when 2009 came out this would be a good time to try it. Yeah you guys got me! Aimee,John,Ed,Jarrad,Misha. Really Funny!
  7. Thanks for teaching me what you real pilots do. I learn a lot.
  8. This video made me feel happy. Thanks Benny.
  9. Got mines 2 months ago. After reading this am a little nerves.
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