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  1. Hi John, are you aware of Alex’s great freeware map - LittleNavMap. Gives you all you need for VFR as well as IFR https://albar965.github.io/littlenavmap.html
  2. Jarrod this looks incredible. Orbx never fails to impress
  3. Yes, agree here. We are in an ever increasingly popular club indeed.
  4. @Ben McClintock Hi Ben, I heard you are working on ver. 4 and it might be a bit late, but I have a little suggestion that I think would be worthwhile. As I have a lot of Orbx products I notice that Central takes some time before I see the "Activating orbx" msg appear and if I'm not watching I don't know if it has activated or not. How about a little tell-tale LED that changes from Red to Green when activated. this would look swish on the grey background and be an persistent reminder of the state of Central. Otherwise thanks for your great work. Cheers Anton.
  5. I’m thinking Ken, Nick didn’t say how long a break he was having- it might be two months. Even that he deserves. Thank you Nick.
  6. I will keep my GB regions so that I can fly in the other three seasons when I feel like a change or different mood.
  7. Matthew, it make me wonder why they charge more lol. @Scott Harmes This was very well done, I watched it the night it was on as well.
  8. Central tells me “23 minutes” to go then I will be immersed in GB South. Seems Iain has given us a Birthday present. Happy birthday Iain. Thank you Orbx
  9. Thanks for your good work Iain, the good news when you give your final set - “good news”
  10. Great discussion and thanks orbx for the opportunity to have our say. After reading a high percentage of the topic I really don’t know which way to go. What is clear is that Orbx are the best in the business for both inovation and Customer relations. Cudos to you.
  11. More good work from orbx. I have a question Jarrad, I installed the airport updates before I saw the Central update, which I then ran. Would this still work ok?
  12. Hi Doug, there is another good reason to use SSD’s that seems to not be recognised. SSD’s don’t get fragmented therefore you don’t need to regularly run a de-fragmenting tool (in fact you should not). This to me is a big plus as it saves time and means that your drive remains optimised.
  13. RIP Neil, you will be missed but your Airports will be enjoyed for years. Thank you!
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