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  1. Happy Birthday Ben, hope you have a good one (with no work!)
  2. Yory, Nick has answered this previously and said that “yes, it is necessary to uninstall version 1 first”
  3. I too have anticipated this release with much longing. I have just purchased but only left yesterday on a weeks holiday so I will be longing some more and just reading the forum until I get home. However in the last week I have flown many of my favourite flights and saved a number of Chaseplane frozen spot views and taken screenshots so I will be able to make direct before and after comparisons.
  4. Thanks Nick and Stewart, this is a very useful tip that I have just stored away in my Notebooks app for future reference.
  5. Hi Martyn, it is good to see you here again. As I only down the road you are more than welcome to drop in and have a cuppa and chat, or if you would like I could drop in on you. Just pm me, cheers Anton
  6. Sue (@Penzoil3) is a helisimmer and is still active on the Eggbeater’s Heaven sub-forum
  7. Thanks Nick for your coverage of what must have been a great day and yes your photos are very good. Cheers Anton.
  8. Rather than Orbx having to divert their talents and re-invent the wheel have you looked into LittleNavMap. This is such a useful Freeware product.
  9. Can’t be Uluru, you couldn’t get a permit to land!
  10. Hi John, are you aware of Alex’s great freeware map - LittleNavMap. Gives you all you need for VFR as well as IFR https://albar965.github.io/littlenavmap.html
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