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  1. John, following your “all time best XP11 tweak” post I installed VMI Twick VR together with FlyWithLUA and was very impressed. Yesterday following a suggestion by @renault I purchased xVision purely to solve the “x-ray trees” issue and also pleased with this as it has solved this tree problem for me. I have also found I like many other improvements. However I now see that VMI Twick VR has been disabled and a search has suggested that the two can be made to work together, but no clues have been given as to how this may be achieved. Would you please point me in the right direction here if you can. Cheers Anton.
  2. Hi Alex, great work again. However I’m a little confused (regular event), reading your introduction to this post it seems that X-Plane compatibly has just been introduced but I’ve been using it very successfully for several months, first with XP11.34 and then XP11.35. Would you clarify this for me please. cheers Anton
  3. Happy Birthday Ben, hope you have a good one (with no work!)
  4. Yory, Nick has answered this previously and said that “yes, it is necessary to uninstall version 1 first”
  5. I too have anticipated this release with much longing. I have just purchased but only left yesterday on a weeks holiday so I will be longing some more and just reading the forum until I get home. However in the last week I have flown many of my favourite flights and saved a number of Chaseplane frozen spot views and taken screenshots so I will be able to make direct before and after comparisons.
  6. Thanks Nick and Stewart, this is a very useful tip that I have just stored away in my Notebooks app for future reference.
  7. Hi Martyn, it is good to see you here again. As I only down the road you are more than welcome to drop in and have a cuppa and chat, or if you would like I could drop in on you. Just pm me, cheers Anton
  8. Sue (@Penzoil3) is a helisimmer and is still active on the Eggbeater’s Heaven sub-forum
  9. Thanks Nick for your coverage of what must have been a great day and yes your photos are very good. Cheers Anton.
  10. Rather than Orbx having to divert their talents and re-invent the wheel have you looked into LittleNavMap. This is such a useful Freeware product.
  11. Can’t be Uluru, you couldn’t get a permit to land!
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