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  1. That's fantastic news I'm so glade x-plane is doing well for orbx its really a great simulator and the night flying wow! great work guys.
  2. Really looking great John did you get any motion sickness one you first started with the rift?
  3. WoW I'm so glade I ran into this post JV so happy your doing Hawaii its perfect for Orbx loving it a dream come true cant wait I'm sure it will be a hit.
  4. Thank you for the update looks like some great things are coming are way soon.
  5. Tim thanks for letting us share are thoughts Hawaii it would be a perfect match with fsdreamteams airport scenery's I can just imagine how amazing Waikiki beach Pearl harbor diamond head and the others islands. it is just perfect great for GA aircraft and airline pilots.
  6. Nice work guys this will be lots of fun! Jorge love the fact that you picked dancing to show of the moment of the animation very nice
  7. Hi all they were a few threads going on about Hawaii at the forum so I didnt want to start other one, I just wanted to say that it would be a wonderful idea, hopefully we can see the islands in great orbx detail one day. just thinking about the insane detail that would go to waikiki beach having been there in real life and diamond head wow! lol anyways just hope the team still has it in mind.
  8. Hi I have also 4gb of memory and Im doing fine but of course its always good to have that extra memory, I run other games too dragon age 2 etc etc you need to overclock that cpu to at least 4.0 you should be able to do it easily with turbo boost usually your motherboard will come with that software anything above 4.0 the cpu will start getting very hot. I know you probably heard this a bunch of times but try different video card drivers.
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