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  1. Hi Nick Thanks for your reply. I hear what you are saying about reselling. IMO the Orbx interface should distinguish between the Orbx gear and the caveat emptor gear. The Orbx store page absolutely doesn't make it clear that the prog requires a manual uninstall. Not your problem, I understand that, I'll be putting my views to the folks who make the policy on the store. For dummies like me I've made a list of the 21 steps required and hope this helps people. I've also communicated this back to //42. http://www.migman.com/sw/prepar3d/t
  2. Hi Nick, Thanks for your reply. I purchased the ChasePlane software from Orbx. Orbx are the organisation who sends me the nicely formatted emails asking me to buy more products. To buy those products from Orbx. In the Orbx shop. The Orbx shop where I've spent over $600.00 in the past couple of months. And feeling OK about that, because Orbx is an established, reputable company that stands by the products they sell. After 40+ years of purchasing computer hardware and software, I now only purchase from established companies. Name brands
  3. The utility did mention it would change/move/delete? some Prepar3D files during installation but that doesn't seem to be documented anywhere that I can find.
  4. Please, provide just a simple list of steps? This program does not uninstall itself. This is what I've tried. a complete uninstall of ChasePlane via Orbx Central In windows, remove all the files in the following directory: C:\Program Files\Parallel 42 In windows, remove all the files in your Orbx download location directory: X:\Orbx \p42-chaseplane <<< Reboot machine Nope. The utility has replaced default cameras in Prepar3D, and Track IR won't work at all anymore in the sim. I also deleted the files fr
  5. Great videos Steve, thanks for your effort! Subbed to your channel. FWIW I found this video by googling Orbx Barrier Reef.
  6. Thanks. Good to see someone has started the ball rolling. Choppers in FS2020 will make for an a-m-a-z-i-n-g experience!
  7. Excellent! Wait, what... helicopters in 2020 ?!?!?
  8. Found in the Orbx Sydney International Airport Scenery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBGNmePhCwo (I can't see how to embed the video here)
  9. F-35 at a steady 30fps, high speed (500kts) and low level (50ft) in Prepar3D 5 with Orbx Australia v2 scenery. Video and explanation here: http://www.migman.com/sw/prepar3d/ac-f-35-201016.php Thanks to all the boffins who so freely shared their knowledge!
  10. Thanks Frank - fantastic scenery BTW, my US friends who've been down under are ecstatic, as am I to be able to follow the roads around my home town and in the process discover features I never knew were there! Great, so I will cache away merrily!
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